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About Jazzy

Social media maven Jazzy Jonez is more than just a fabulous frequent flyer -- the food lover and travel junkie wears a number of stellar hats in both the digital and real world. Jazzy's deep-seated passion for all things social began with online storytelling. Her love for travel put her directly in the business of blogging and after sharing her experiences as an airline employee and travel agent, she set her sights higher and decided to dive deeper into her exploration and sharing through Travel Jonez. {Now}

Specializing in digital communication, event planning and project management, Jazzy ensure that her clients are building a strong presence in the social world, that their events go off without a hitch, and that their projects are executed with perfection. 

Currently residing in Washington, DC, Jazzy is the proud Auntie of 5 nieces and nephews and the lover red wine, french fries, mac'n cheese and *shimmy shakes*.  

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