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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Train 'Em Up :: A Tiny Bit Bougie

I LOVE Tees in the Trap created by fellow blogger and serial entrepreneur, Arsha Jones. (They are a black owned business, by the way) My favorite shirt and the first shirt I've bought from them was "a little bougie" statement tee. Since the company launched last year, I've built up quite the collection. The "Cuffing Season" sweat shirt is my most worn item. Not only does it raise eyebrows, it keeps me soooo warm. It's worth the $54 price tag.

Yes, I'm about that champagne life on a beer budget.  My tribe no longer blinks when I turn my nose up at certain things. It's just becomes the norm. My youngest niece was born four months ago and she is a.dor.a.ble!!! As far as I'm concerned, she's never too young to learn the bougie way.  Train 'Em Up and they shall not depart from their ways.

Earlier today, I sent her this package. I cannot wait to see her rocking her outfit. Tees in the Trap offer the onesie in 6 and 12 months so I'll have to wait a while before this happens.

Have you purchased your own TITT fashion tee? If so, what is your favorite?

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