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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things :: Jonez Gift List

Love and compliments filling the air 
Sensual red lipstick and sunflower in my hair 
Lavender scented baths and red wine 
Mac ’n cheese and fries while we dine
Shimmy shakes, pearls and afternoon flings 
These are a few of my favorite things 

I’m attracted by pretty packaging and caught a sale when I purchased my first cube. I loved how the peppermint left a nice tingle on my lips. The bright color makes it easy to find when rummaging the bottom of my tote. 

I remember first coming across Smashbox brand of lipstick. I was in Chicago four years ago and before heading to an event, quickly walked into Sephora to take a spritz of my favorite perfume {Chanel} and add a quick pop of color on my lips. The infared is a moisturizing matte shade that last all day. I woke up the next morning and my lips still had a tint of red on it. Sold! Worth every penny of my twenty bucks. 

Naturally, my first pair of Tieks had to be candy red. The price is a little… steep. {Starting at $175} I have to admit tho, I feel some type of way {GREAT!} wearing these. The shoes are handmade and sizing is a concern. I’m a 6.5 and the site suggested going down. My size 6 flats are a smidge tight. If I order another pair, I’ll try a 7.  I love my Tieks for quick errands and casual Sunday afternoon brunch flings. 

My sister brought the Cabernet over to my condo during one of our girl talks and it was love at first sip. As a broke college student, she said this bottle is a splurge ($12) so us sharing was a special moment. The $12 - $15 price tag isn't bad although the Cabernet is not easy to find in my local DC wine shops but when I do come across it,I grab it! Also delicious: Dreaming Tree Crush. 

My uniform is jeans, v-neck top and chucks. I’ve been building up a small rainbow collection. Living in DC, I’m mobile. I walk everywhere. These sneakers are not comfortable for all day wear. Which is why I always purchase the Dr. Scholls inserts for every pair I own. I always buy the chucks on sale. My favorite leopard print chucks {featured on my blog header} are my biggest splurge and only time I’ve paid full price for these. 

100 Good Deeds bracelet 
This is my newest acquisition thanks to my sweet friend, Danica. I LOVE the mission behind this bracelet. Read more about it here. Each bracelet was made by a vulnerable woman in which the profits from each sale supports her and her family. The package is signed by the designer. Mine was made by Dorothy from Zambia. Danica hit the jackpot when she selected the shimmery pearl bracelet for me. It took a good half hour to get the bracelet on, {That drawstring is a b*tch} so I pretty much vowed not to take it off which is a perfect reminder to do my one daily deed. 

When I think of bubble baths, I think of that scene in Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts in a tub big enough to swim in, covered in bubbles on top of bubbles and singing Prince’s “Kiss” on top of her lungs while her lover stares at her. Over the years, I haven’t found a bath product that produces bubbles that actually remains in the tub longer than 15 minutes. Until I came across LUSH’s handmade bath bombs. The bubbles are on point, the fragrance is great and one bomb can last you 3-4 baths. My favorite is "The Comforter"

iPhone 6 - No introduction needed. I purchased mine at a great deal via my mobile carrier a month after the new model came out. My iPhone is literally an extension of me. It’s the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I touch when I go to sleep. I use it for work daily, I’m addicted to Instagram, the the games: Snood and Threes. So when my iPhone was stolen a few weeks ago, 22 hours was the longest I could go without and felt queasy dropping $800 for a replacement. Lesson learned: purchase insurance on the spot and iPhone is added to my hierarchy of needs, right above wifi and wine. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen me proudly showing off my "A Lil' Bougie" tee and “Cuffing Season” sweatshirt. Also, TITT was a Blogalicious Conference sponsor and the whole team wore a shirt reflecting their various personalities. I love the sassy catch phrases and most importantly, the company is owned by a black woman. I’ll gladly keep sending my money her way. 

The great thing about my favorite things? Just about everything fits in my Christmas stocking! *shimmy shake* 


Kirstin Fuller aka The Travelin Diva said...

Great gift list...Fabulous introduction!

Jonez said...

Thanks, Kirstin! I had a little help with the poem since poetry isn't my strongest suit. :-)

Amber of TalktoAmber.con said...

Great list, Jazzy! Chucks, chapstick, flats, and tees? You are a woman after my own heart! LOL