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Sunday, November 30, 2014

One Less Decision to Make in December :: A Jazzy Jonez Challenge

I read this article on why successful people wear the same thing every day and I got to thinking about how much time I waste in the mornings figuring which shoes to wear with which outfit followed by three more outfit changes before settling on something.

If Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Z could wear the same thing everyday and be great, then to quote Mindy Kaling: "Why The F*ck Not Me?!"

That’s at least 15-20 minutes out of my day.  Especially if the outfit I envisioned during my morning shower didn’t work out as well as I hoped. When I really think back on it, that is truly some bull-ish and the time suck kills my vibe. It's time to re-shift my focus and act like a success! So I’m going to try this experiment. Just wear the same thing each day.

I took some time out to decide what this daily outfit was going to look like. I didn't want a loud color. No turtleneck. Cowl sweaters -- maybe, depending on the look. Must be a sweater or blouse thick enough to keep me warm in the winter and the list goes on and on. It’s ridiculous on how high maintenance I was about selecting a low maintenance outfit. After shopping at several department stores this past week, I settled on a cozy cable knit sweater I found at Marshalls.

I'll post an outfit pic on Instagram Monday.   

Let’s see how this goes…