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Monday, November 17, 2014

Cozy Fall Sangria: Apple Cider + [yellow tail] + Rum

When I was budding wino, I sipped a lot of [yellow tail] wine in college, especially the Shiraz. My tastes have since evolved as I moved on to bolder grapes. Last week at Blogalicious Conference, I was reunited and greeted [yellow tail] like an old friend. 

Ok - that was a bit much but if you saw the Blogalicious photos from the Cocktails 'n Comedy show and the Monsterlicious party, you'd know my glass was never empty. 

Now I'm back home, still high from #BeGreatB6 and have a half gallon of fresh pressed cider in my freezer that's waiting to be sipped. The fall season means weekends are spent curling up on the couch, catching up with my DVR and while cradling a glass of something comfortable and familiar. Getting dressed up in my heels to dance at somebody's lounge is no longer appealing. My inner Golden Girl is kicking in. 

I'm Dorothy, by the way. Which Golden Girl are you? 

Anyhoo...yesterday after brunch, I came home and prepped the crockpot for my sangria. 

Cast of Characters: Fresh apple, pear, and tangerine with a few cinnamon sticks. I thought I had star anise laying around but I couldn't find it. Cloves work well with this recipe too. At the last minute, I decided to add fresh blueberries. I love warm blueberries and how they pop in your mouth like candy. 

The reason I lined my crockpot with a bag is because I don't want the wine to take on the flavors of the pot. Such as the bbq chicken I used it for over the summer. This step is optional.

I almost forgot to add the rum! I had just enough room in the crockpot for a cup size serving. I allowed the batch to simmer on high for about an hour. When I released the lid, the scent was amazing! You will get some sediment from the cinnamon stick and that's perfectly fine. 

I poured this hot sangria into a stemless wine glass and nearly dropped the glass when it almost burned my hand. Take heed and use a mug. I was trynna be all fancy and ish. I call this a cozy sangria because it literally feels as if you're slipping under a warm blanket after the first few sips.

Thanks, Blogalicious Conference for re-introducing [yellow tail] wine into my life again. The quality makes for a good sangria base or to enjoy alone. The under $10 price tag doesn't hurt either! 


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Cassie said...

Ahhhh where has this blog been?!!!! I love it. Love this post and will take some pointers when I make my first Plum Sangria mix for our party!!