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Monday, August 4, 2014

Lion King on Broadway: Another Item Checked Off My Vision Board

Lion King has been on my vision board for almost two years. I made plans a few times but never really followed through. Mostly because those kinda plans require a trip to NYC and there is all kinda logistics that comes with that. 

Thennnn the Universe opened a door for me. Disney's broadway production of Lion King is visiting the D.C. area for one month only. During Leo season coincidentally. I had a short window of time and limited options for shows that provided closed captions or a sign language interpreter. I called at the right time because I grabbed the last three seats for disability section so I can access to the closed captioned machine near the front of the theater. {GREAT seats, btw. 5th row!}

Yesterday me and two college friends made our way to the Kennedy Center and we sat in awe for the next two hours. That show is visually orgasmic! The lighting. The production. The costumes. My, the costumes! 

Photography was strictly prohibited and while it sorta sucks to not have pictures of the show, it was a good idea because you did not want to blink a miss a single second. The show follows the movie script 90%. There was this one scene where Scar decides he wants to attempt to woo Nyla to be his wife so he can reproduce and that got my *side eye*

Loooved it! And a great start to celebrating my birthday. Ok. I'm hooked. I like broadway. {With captions!} Next on my list: Wicked. 

If you get a chance, check out Lion KIng! 

More details on that fab jumpsuit I wore on the day of the show next week. 

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