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Monday, April 7, 2014

That One Time I Spent Sunday Evening Baking Blueberry-Lemon Cookies and They Came Out Decent

This is a story about how I was on Twitter one day minding my business and one of my followers tagged me in a conversation that mentioned cookies. I dived into the chat and within minutes myself and 4 ladies on the west coast agreed to bake and swap cookies for each other. Of course, it ain't a party until you add a hashtag to it. We dubbed our event: #C2CCS (Coast to Coast Cookie Swap) 

At first I was all excited cuz Lord knows I loves me some cookies. Then I got nervous because baking is involved. I'm not a baker. Stuff just don't always turn out as planned. 

After some thought I told myself I can do this... and succeed.

I knew right away I was gonna "Sandra Dean" it cuz I was not baking nothing from scratch. Sandra is the queen of fake and bake. I called upon an old friend, Krusteaz to help me out.

{If you don't know about Krusteaz, you better ask somebody! Their products are the ISH!! When I whip up a batter of Krusteaz pancakes for the ex-boyfriend, he would be putty in my hands. I could get him to do anything after a good breakfast. #ManTrapMeal} 

To make the sugar cookie recipe mine, I decided to add fresh blueberries, fresh lemon juice and rind as well as lemon extract and a whole lotta Jazzy *shimmy shake*. I simply followed the directions on the box and added my extras and baked. The box gave me about 24 cookies. Give or take. 

The first batch came out a little too dark for me. I switched baking pans and got these results. Not perfect but not horrible either. 

Stuff like this is why I need to stay in my lane. #NotABaker

Let's be real. While tasty, these aren't the most attractive cookies. Frosting to the rescue! I headed over to my pinterest board and found a frosting recipe that I liked from 'Smashed Peas & Carrots' blog. I wanted the frosting to be on the hard-soft side (if that make sense) so stacking and shipping the cookies would be easy. 

{Message to my #C2CCS ladies: Apologies if the frosting came out a little lemony. The extract had a wide mouth and more extract than necessary spilled into the batter.}

I learned that I don't have to cover the cookie completely with frosting as it will run and overflow. I kinda liked that because life it too short to be making perfect, photogenic, pinterest-worthy cookies. 

The finished product. 

I mailed them out to my California girls and the cookies reached their destination safely. I haven't heard any complaints so I'm giving myself a *round of applause*. I survived the CHALLLLLENGE! 

In exchange, I received some yummmmy cookies in the mail.  The best ever chocolate chip, Drunken Peach Cobbler, Loaded Oatmeal and Molasses-Ginger-Apricot. (click for recipes) 
I was faced with another challllunge: eating all of these yummy cookies before they go bad. Talk about sugar coma. 

This was fun! Thanks:

Natalie - @InNatsShoes
Allie - @ SoCaliAllie
Coco - @UCFoodie

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CoCo @ Urban Chick's Foodie Ventures said...

Loved the post, and I love how you incorporated the Bill Cosby "challeeeeeenge!" That was one of my favorite episodes! :-) The cookies were great, and I had no idea that they were "semi-homemade!" Can't wait until the next cookie swap!