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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Event Review: Cavalia Odysseo

This review is bit late but I just had to share my experience. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Cavalia Odysseo show at the National Harbor. Based on the hundreds of billboard and bus stop ads I've seen all over my city, I concluded this show is a "must-see."

The Rendez-Vous VIP Experience: 

If you can afford the extra dollars, spring for the VIP experience. Before the show, attendees can enjoy open bar and gourmet dinner buffet. Large shrimp, chicken, various salads and desserts was enjoyed by all. Upon exiting the tent, you can grab a bag of popcorn to enjoy during the show. During the intermission, dessert is served. The space also included complimentary wifi, cozy couches for lounging and a gift shop to buy souvenir items.  After the show, Rendez-Vous holders participated in a backstage tour of the stables, meet some of the performers face to face and mingle with the stars of the show, the horses! 

About The Show:

When the lights dim, Cavalia starts off with a few questions and trivia about the horses involved in the show. Shortly afterwards, the live band cues up and the first performer and horse enters the arena. 

All the action happens in a heated tent that is about the size of two football fields. Yes, heated. I was skeptical and still bundled up in a scarf and thick coat. By mid show, I had to unbutton the coat. Odysseo features 64 amazingly well behaved horses from various countries around the world.

Why I loved Cavalia Odysseo: 

Hello! Open bar at Rendez-Vous! 
The dancers and stunts. The acrobats from Guinea are BUFF! 
Real live animals used during the show that were treated with love and care. 
The human carousel. Visually Sensual. 
Speaking of visual, As a deaf person, I appreciated that I had equal access to the show as everyone else. Very little words were uttered during the show. The horses and actors spoke through their movements. 

I took a lot more snapshots during the show. Check out my instagram page and follow the #OdysseoDC stream. 

To read a more thorough in-depth review, check out The Blonde Blogger's recap of the show. 

Disclosure: I received two complimentary VIP tickets to enjoy the show and the above reviews are my own personal opinions. 

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