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Monday, September 30, 2013

So, Who Am I Really?

"Are you from --- island?" 

Is the number one question I get when I meet new people. Especially when I open my mouth to talk. 

When I'm in a playful mood, I would jokingly respond that I'm from Egypt because my eyes is the top compliment I receive from folks. 

The truth is I don't really know where I'm from. My family history is blurred with a lot of gaping holes. 

Mama & Daddy Jonez

My grandparents adopted my mama as a new born when they were in their 60's. The circumstances surrounding my mother's birth is a long and very interesting story. As for Daddy, I learned a few years ago that my Pop-Pop was not his biologicial child, although he raised him from birth. 

No lie-- in college, I used to envy my peers who proudly waved the flags of their countries during house parties and international events. Yea, I'm American and all but that's not my only identity. 

I'm not too interested in digging up my parents' past and finding these long lost realitives. However I am interested in figuring out my true identity. Based on my DNA, which region did my ancestors hail from? My full lips. My check bones. These eyes that everyone compliments. Trends show the women on my dad's side of the family die in their early 60's. Does my DNA reflect that too? Why am I deaf? From whose side of the family did I get this from? Can my siblings and I pass this trait to off spring? Or is my deafness the result of a beautiful mess and it won't happen again in my lineage? 

As you can see... I got questions! 

As the 2013 year closes out, I'm going to  start doing some digging around for these clues. Starting with a cotton swab and turning the evidence into 23andMe for further investigation. It's time I address these nagging fears. Especially the dying in my 60's part. 

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