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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Spreading a little joy...

Last week I was inspired to give. In my gifting bag I had a handmade peach broach that I've gotten from my summer trip to Savannah. It's very pretty but not my style. I didn't know whom to pass it on to, until now. I decided anonymously give it to my Pastor. I wrote a quick note, sealed it in an envelope, and placed it in the mailbox.

A peach broach made of real southern grits

Easter Sunday I went to church. During announcements Pastor held up the pin and the note. She asked the congregation: "Who blessed me?"

Naturally, no one raised their hand. She went how to explain how pleasantly surprised she was to see the broach and note in her mailbox and wanted to publicly thank the person who did it.

Ummm... that's why the letter was anonymous, Ma'am.

Anyway after reading the note attached to the broach out loud she said "Thank You" again and went on about the service. {Note: I later learned that Pastor is 'sorta' from the South and its a running joke within the congregation}

Internally, I did a happy dance inside. I was grateful I was able to put a smile on someone's face and pass the broach off to someone who will use it.

I challenge you to make someone's day today. Share your good deeds in the comments.  

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