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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Escape

A few weeks ago, a bitter chill descended over DC. The timing was perfect because after a mild winter, that was one of the first tastes of a true winter over the region. While snow and wind was brushing heavily against our train window, my good friend and I was headed straight for the airport, en-route to sunny Florida.

Saturday morning, the BFF and I did not waste any time. We were already on the beach by 9am. She, to workout, and me, to eat somewhere on the boardwalk.

{Side-note: I did pack my workout clothes in support of her but when my luggage was overflowing, the workout clothes was the first to go!}


My goal for the following three days was beach, reading, and wine. I didn't get much reading done but I got plenty of the other two.

During my stay in the area, I learned that many Canadians spend their winters in the area. Many of restaurants I frequented had Poutine on their menu. Now I've heard of Poutine, thanks to my good friends, Lisa and Stacey, who are both fellow Canadians. I've never sampled the dish until then.


Lawd. Have. Mercy.

Let me say it again. Laaawwwd! Have! Mercy!

French fries. Cheese. And Gravy.

What took me so long?!?

I had this dish twice during my 3-day visit to the area. Yes, I felt guilty about clogging my arteries and expanding my waist line.

YOLO, right?

Who cares! It was sooo good!

If you visit the Hollywood Beach area, check out Bistro Bon Marche.  A fabulous beach side restaurant with an impressive wine menu.  Once in a while they feature live music. That's where I got my orgasmic poutine from. The owner, Marco, is soooo nice and accommodating. And a fellow Canadian as well. Get there early though. The Bistro is one of the few restaurants open on the beach after sundown, so it gets crowded.


The other highlight of my trip: Enjoying a bottle of vino and a cigar with the BFF. I'm not a smoker, much less a cigar smoker. We stumbled upon this cigar bar during one of our late night walks and met with owner who was very gracious and accommodating. She helped us with our cigar choices and coached me thru the whole smoking process.  I had fun. Just for that one night. I won't make a habit of it though. I value my lungs.

My Florida trip was the perfect quickie get-a-away. I flew Spirit airlines. As much negativity I have heard about this airline, I had a very pleasant experience with them. Round trip I paid $120 for a 3 day weekend trip. I'm not even mad at that! I will def fly them again.

Currently we are enjoying  a mild and wet winter in DC, I'm already planning my next sunny getaway.


(True story) While I was editing this blogpost, I received the following text:


I'm ready!! My bank account.... not so much.

Where are you heading to this winter?


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Natalie said...

I'm actually heading to Miami next month and am searching for recommendations! Thanks for the tips!