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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Restaurant Week DC: Sax

This week is Restaurant Week in DC.  I love RW because I use this time to check out high end restaurants at an affordable price. I'm all about that champagne life on a beer budget.


I've been wanting to try Sax for a while. I stumbled upon this venue during my random walks downtown. Upon entering the mood shifts to down-low sexy. Sorry I can't think of a better adjective at the moment.

The hospitality is on point! The servers are well dressed in sexy corsets and tulle skirts. The drink menu makes the lush in me bust into a *shimmy shake* right in my booth.

Let's get right down to it. Excuse my blurry iPhone pictures. The restaurant is dark! I had to ask the waitress to bring me an extra candle to read the menu.

20130209-094531.jpgFirst course, I selected a green salad with blue cheese. Good, but nothing to write home about. (Wait, I just did.) Anyway, second course I opted for rainbow trout on top of a bed of sauteed greens and mashed parsnips. Very good. I'll order it again. The star of my night was the "Sexual Chocolate" cake. Lawd!! It *is* rich and I *loved* it. My dining companion didn't care for it. She opted for the fruit tart, which was good but didn't tingle my taste buds like the chocolate did.


The food is okay (And pricey!) But your money pays for the entertainment. Every 15 minutes, the curtains part, forks clang to the table, and jaws drop as guests enjoy a live burlesque dance show. Those dancers are good. They put their back into it and drop it low! (Bras drop too!) In between each show, my girlfriend and I would plot how we'd imitate that same dance routine for our partners at home. We've come up with some creative ideas. I've already got my theme song: Prince's "Darling Nikki". The question is will we do it?

Personally, I'm too chicken to dance in front of my dude. I barely dance at the club!

I had a great experience at Sax and I would definitely return.  With my Suga Daddy!

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