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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thirty Six Awesome Things (Part 1)

Continuing from yesterday's gratitude post, I came across a really cool blog called 1,000 Awesome Things celebrating life's achievements, whether big or small. I have not gone through the entire blog yet, but a few of the posts made me chuckle. Don't be grossed out, but #903 makes me really, really happy. #899 makes me sing praises to Sweet Baby Jesus! You probably won't believe this, but #995 totally happened to me today while I was buying my morning coffee.

I am inspired to compile my own list of awesome things so that I can keep up in this spirit of gratitude for this month. 1000 is a bit of a lofty goal for me, so I put a number between 1 and 113 into a random generator to determine the number of awesome stuff to share with you.


36 it is!

*Drum Roll*

1. Finding my purple bra in an old duffle bag after it has been missing for two years. This is my favorite push-up bra. The one that gives me that extra oomph.

20121213-152312.jpg2. Admiring the tulips I brought yesterday and sweetly discovering they are doing what I intended them to do: bring a smile to my face.

3. Enjoying every sip of my coffee today because I sweetened it with homemade cinnamon simple syrup.

4. The smile on my roommate's face when she saw I decorated the apartment for Christmas.

5. Successfully ignored the text I said I was going to ignore if the person contacted me today.

20121204-195831.jpg6. This rose has dried out over six months ago. We never bothered to discard it and there was plenty of water left in the bottle. (Lazy housekeeping) Last week I was surprised to discovered fresh leaves blooming from the stem! Isn't that awesome?! I can't wait to see the new rose that blooms from this.

I will share the other 30 awesome things before the end of this month. Comment and share some of your awesome things with me. I am very curious to know!

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