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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chop! Chop: Giving Back at DCCK

During my White House tour, there was a Giving Table where attendees had the option to publicly pledge their commitment to give back however they chose to do so. My friend and I quickly agreed on DC Central Kitchen.


I am in looove with DCCK's mission. The Kitchen cooks and distributes food to local shelters and schools. They also have an awesome culinary training program that serves the community in which graduates have an opportunity to seek a better quality of life by finding work and joy in the food industry.

Apparently, this is a popular volunteer activity during the Holiday season because I learned DCCK's volunteer slots were filled until mid-January! I was lucky enough to find one opening slot for December and quickly booked it. (My friend and I will volunteer together next month).

The morning of my volunteer shift, I "overslept". By overslept I mean, I opened one eye and saw that the clock read 7:44am and proceeded to mentally snooze for another 15 minutes. A second later, upon realizing what day it was, I shot up out of bed so quickly, the blinds shook. I made it in DCCK's door 10 minutes before my shift was to start.

After a brief sign-in and orientation, we all started to suit up and wash up.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="225"]20121220-113441.jpg Quite fabulous, right?[/caption]

After that, no time was wasted giving me a knife and a chopping board. *excited squeals*

I loooove chopping. Give me a big knife and a bag of onions and I'm in the zone all. day. long! I miss my old part-time job as a prep cook.

Anyways... chop I did. My partner and I was assigned to slicing and dicing a bunch of vegetables.


Those three hours went by fast! After our shift was up, we cleaned, listened to some brief remarks and gratitude, and then we all were invited to stay and enjoy a hot plate of food that was prepared during our volunteer shift.

Not a bad way to start my day. I can't wait to return next month. I'm definitely thinking of making this a monthly thing; just to feed my appetite to play with a big sharp knife. (Safely!)

How are you giving back this Holiday season?

Click here to learn more about DC Central Kitchen. Also if you are inclined to make a donation to the Kitchen, Living Social is offering a great deal right now. (Click Here)


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