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Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Random Ramble About Wine

Happy Friday!

Y'all still here?

Good! Let's talk...


My Golden Girls wine glasses arrived in the mail last week. I squealed with delight when I opened the box. Best 2012 purchase eva! The glasses are hand painted and came out great for the most part. I'm not in love with Rose's portrait. She looks kind of young in this drawing, don't you think?


Regardless, I'm still pleased with my purchase and didn't hesitate to start using them.


Hey, Dorothy!

I loooove Bordeaux red wine. Dry, fruity, and heavy bodied. This brings out my *shimmy shake* every time. I was surprised to see a white Bordeaux in my local wine shop and was curious to try it out.


The white version is dry, as I expected. It was also very tart. It was not love at first sip. Neither second or third sip. The next day I decided to try the wine with my fish dinner I cooked. I figured maybe the dish would compliment it better. Nope. Still nasty. I ended up having to pour some mango juice in it to sweeten it up. It's back to the red Bordeaux for me.


Meanwhile, this wine was good 'til the last drop. Very bold and heavy. Garnacha is required to be enjoyed between bites of dark chocolate.

Email from my BFF:
BFF: Whatchoo doing for Christmas holidays?
ME: I dunno yet. I got options. Just haven't made a decision.
BFF: Oh that's good to hear! Just don't be sitting at home dranking wine. You can do that anytime.

*side eye*  She think she knows me...

I have been asked the Christmas question at least once a day from a family member or friend. I probably won't make a decision until Christmas Eve. I'm really not in the mood to fight the holiday travel crowds. What I *really* want is my family to come to DC to celebrate. That's a tall order though.

Last weekend I walked into a wine shop and my jaw dropped when I saw these bottles marked at $2.99 EACH!


I asked the shop owner what was wrong with these flavored liqueurs for them to be priced so cheap. (Average retail is $8.99 - 12.99) Apparently that company changed logos or something so they were discontinuing the old labels. *shimmy shake* Sangria tiiiiime!

That's all from me today. What are you sipping on this weekend?

P.S. All of the photos shared on this blogpost can be found on my TravelJonez Instagram page.


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