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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest: Cold Remedy

20121120-212132.jpgOriginal blogpost

Saw this on pinterest and added it to my "I'm Making This One Day" board. Didn't think today would be that day. Today was a good day to make this because 1) I brought a bag of lemons for Thanksgiving cocktail prep and 2) My roommate is sick!!

20121120-212910.jpgHere is my creation. The only variation I added was sliced ginger. An ingredient I swear by when I'm sick. I didn't really measure it out. I used quite a large amount of ginger and a half of thinly sliced lemon. Then I poured in the honey and refrigerated it.

A few hours later, my roommate emerged out of her room with a hoarse voice and I made a cup of tea for her. Two heaping scoops of the honey mix and boiling water. This drink was pretty tasty. I'm not even a fan of honey all like that.

I'm definitely keeping this on rotation this winter.

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