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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogalicious '12 Recap

Blogalicious is over. I've been back from Vegas for three days and I'm still fighting fatigue. I'd love to post a whole weekend recap but the event was such a whirlwind and my mind was in several places at once. I know my limits. So this post I'm going to share with you all the fabulous folks I met and their links so you can visit their site.

These folks are super awesome trailblazers. You are going to see their name in lights, prints, billboards, or URL's if they aren't already famous. Just sayin'.

Tierra Destiny Reid
I adore this chyck! Even though we only chatted briefly, in my head we are already BFF's. Chatting over wine, going on girlfriend getaways, and swapping accessories.

Jai (Jay) Stone ~ Black Love Forum
Miss Stone is on a quest to make Black Love good and wholesome again. Think: "A Virtuous Woman" , Peter 3:1 wife, Barack & Michelle. Lamar & Ronnie Tyler.

Keep an eye out for Jai's new Black Love Magazine

Here I am enjoying some Mott's Applesauce with Monica, Blueprint4Style. She shares her tips and fashion inspiration on her blog when she's not too busy styling some of the coolest people in her celebrity roster.


Real men wear pink! I have been reading Eric Payne's blog off and on for a few years. So it was kind of cool to see him IRL. He attended the conference as a speaker and event photographer. I have seen a few samples of his work from the conference. So far, they look great!

I came across thee "Goddess Intellect's" blog during one of my insomniac nights. Her content kept me entertained for about 2 hours. When things settle down in my world, I'm totally signing up for one of her relationship workshops.

I snuck this picture of PowerMommy aka Uneeka Jay while she was posing with one of the sponsors. Uneeka is a tall, poised lady with hair LAID like good credit! Good Gawd! (A Funky Dineva reference) In all seriousness, Uneeka is my she-ro. I'm going to be following her grind like a stray puppy looking for a new home.

Miss Nikki is on her grind! She's God-fearing, a lover of thrift stores, photographer, budding film director and a fashionista. Girlfriend had just as many outfit changes as I did during the conference. Looking more and more fierce each day. Check her blog here.

Mario Armstrong is a sneaker head (I can tell based on his pinterest board) and a real down to earth guy. Those of you who missed his keynote speech on Saturday really missed out. His blazer was on point. His speech was on point. His technology was on point. (Live polling, y'all!) His wife and business partner is gorgeous! Most importantly, he had us rolling. I love a man that can make me laugh.

Miss Nae!! Her blog and brand is called "I Choose the Sun." With a smile like this and her bubbly personality, I'd choose her too!

You can not miss Marie Denee and her big hair anywhere in Vegas. She blogs at The Curvy Fashionista and is a total sweetheart! I heart she.

Yolanda Arrington aka Witch H. If you have not heard of Witches Brew, go get your life!!! Follow their Facebook page. Let me warn you right now, if you have sensitive eyes, some of their content may not be for you. It's ratchet at times and the ladies crack me up. One of the witches have a strange crush on a female body builder who goes by the name of Bova. *shifts eyes* Yea. Don't ask.
Me and Yolanda... we >;HERE<;

I'm running out of space and regretfully I did not capture pictures of a bunch of cool folks. So here is a long list of honorable mentions:

Brotha Tech - Dude brought our Tech game up a few notches during the conference. Additionally, he made a Social Cam lover out of a bunch of us.

Jose Candelario - He is the wife of Boni C, who took time out of her schedule to give career coaching sessions to several lucky attendees. Both of them are an amazing and funny couple!

The Mane Source - Chyck and her side puff is BFF's with Nikki and they often coordinated outfit changes together. She was lucky enough to win a fabulous prize from Mario Armstrong. A bag that recharges her electronics and a Kindle. Or was it an Amazon Reader? I'm not sure. It was electronic and shiny.

TOY - I do not have one single explanation why I did not capture a photo with Toy over the weekend. Toy is MY GIRL. She tapped my shoulders in a wine suite at Blogalicious '11 in DC. One look at that shock of red hair and I knew we were meant to be best buddies. *cue in Makiada Color Purple hand clap* Please read her blog, Talkaholica. It is sooo funny what goes thru this chyck's mind on a daily basis.

Gosh! This list is getting long! I totally need to name drop Sharelle D. Lowery of, Jyl of Mom It Forward, My Arizona neighbor: Kendra Tillman. I am in love with Lisa Collin's red fro and Erika of Swarthy Daisy did an awesome Dougie when she found out she won $500 from MUES. Wendy kept us all enthralled, wearing a new hat each day. I got to hug Denene Millner from (Maaan! I adore her!) Karen Hudson and Judene. Antoinette Sykes was an amazon of a woman with a sweet smile. Gigi Biggins tore it DOWN on the dance floor when Doug E. Fresh hit the stage. Shout out to my roommate, Krystal Grant! (We didn't hug before you left! Boooo!) Our Gain fashion contest winner, Thien Kim. (As a former theater costume designer, she had a huuuge leg up on the competition. Not gon' lie. Her dress was fly).

More mentions to Julie Cole of Mabel's labels and the complimentary labels she offered us. LaShaun Martin and her blingy t-shirts. I looved my custom made Blogalicious tee. Thanks, girl! Rhachelle Nicol was a breath of fresh air. I love meeting folks who attend Blogalicious for the first time. It's awesome to see them gush over the fabulousness that is Blogalicious. No really, it is.

Ok. Seriously. This is a long winded post. As small a conference as Blogalicious is, it is challenging to connect with each and every single person. (Hi Stacy Teet!) and try to remember all of their names. (And Thank you Sandy Gram for the sweet treats!) *Hugs to you* Jen Lawrence! Hey, Kris Cain, I totally forgot to ask you how was the Prince concert! Great chatting with you pool side, Christie G. Crowder.

Signing off. For real now. I'm sorry if I forgot your names. Trust, it was not intentional.

In conclusion, Blogalicious '12 was tha bomb!

*two fingas*


mommypowers said...

So flattered you mentioned me! (Sandy Gram!) The conference was a blast & I will be back for more!!!

Nae said...

Yay! She's baaaaaaack :) So happy to see you posting again. What a great recap! You are such a joy Jazzy...I'll be in touch soon so we can hang ;-)

aesop927 said...

Thanks for the love. And I think I have 3 pink shirts in total. All button downs and one polo shirt.

E.Payne said...

Not really sure why my name came up like that (Thanks Gravatar) but this is E.Payne.

E.Payne said...

And just in case the comment I left before disappears like the two I just wrote. Thanks for the love Jazzy J. We didn't talk or rather I didn't have much time to talk so I had no idea you were aware of my blog. And I've been rocking out with pink (within reason) since 2004 --- mostly button downs.

stacymae said...

Jazzy, I knew going in I was going to like you but it took me about all of 5 minutes to fall in love with you. I bumped into you a few times but not nearly enough! and funny, you listed so many of my favorite connections here as well and I know just what you mean about sweet Tierra Destiny ... I was BFFing her in my head all day too! Me & Uneeka are going places and Miss Yolanda is my girl. I just asked Marie tonight if she has a picture of her in that blue peplum blouse! how did you get in my head like that? Sitting at home tonight, hoping and wishing and counting down the days till next year!

traveljonez said...

Thanks for your sweet words, Stacy! *hugs*

traveljonez said...

I've been a fan for a minute. Was a pleasure to meet you!

traveljonez said...

It was a pleasure to meet you. See you next year!