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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Always stocked up...


My daddy works at the airport. You know how folks like to pack oversized bottles of lotion, soap and other stuff bigger than 3 ounces hoping to get it past TSA. Do you ever wonder what TSA does with this stuff after they tell you to discard it? I'm guessing not everything is tossed because my dad has been able to get his hands on some of this stuff and bring it home. The house is littered with full sized bottles of Victoria's Secrets and Bath & Body Shop lotions. And a few scattered bottles of wine and liquor.

Well I think it is great that he and other airport employees are taking it home. I hate to think that discarded products are being sent to our landfills. My daddy does not even drink so I was surprised he even bothers to bring the liquor home. After I rounded up everything, I realized I got everything I need to make a pitcher of sangria.


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