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Friday, September 28, 2012

Vegas Bound: Blogalicious '12


I'm in Vegas.

Let me say that with a lil' bit more excitement.


Honestly, Vegas is not one of my favorite cities. The hustle and bustle is just a bit too much for me. A day or two is all I can stand here. This is my 5th visit to sin city and this time I have a really good reason to be here.


If you don't know what Blogalicious is, you betta ask somebody!!

Back to Vegas. This visit I'm staying off the strip. Way off. At the beautiful Red Rock Casino and Resort Spa.


Upon entry I was greeted warmly by resort staff. Registration was a breeze. {Heads Up: Upon check-in your card will be authorized for incidentals and there is a daily resort fee that is not included in the booking price}

Heading towards the elevators to your guest room, you will walk past a beautiful chandlier lit foyer where you can take advantage of wifi, grab a drink at the bar, and close on important business deals.


I was jazzed that my room number is the same as my birthdate. (Y'all. Don't come staking me. Aiight?)

Now the room....

The first area I checked out as soon as I walked in was the bathroom. It's not the bed, the patio, or even the view that matters. It's the bathtub.

This tub not disappoint.


You should have heard me. I literally squealed out loud and did a major *shimmy shake* on the spot.

I was bursting with excitement. I had to do the "jazz hands" in my mirror reflection.


*Whew* Moving on...

Oh. Here is the bed.


The bed was nice and comfy. The pillows, while plentiful, where way too soft. A sista is not getting much sleep on this trip. While we on the subject of hotel room gripes, here are a few other things to note:
- No coffee maker in the room. Blasphemy!
- No fridge or microwave. (The only fridge is the mini-bar fridge)
- The safebox is tiny. My iPad, passport and purse fit in there. But that's about it. Big laptops and etc, you might need to stash it in a drawer.
- TV is not HD. Not that's it's a big deal but what annoyed me is I cannot control the TV's menu functions. I had to call maintenance and wait 30 minutes for them to jiggle some special buttons locked behind the TV to turn on my captions. Me no gusta.

- The resort shuttle schedule while free, operates every other hour from 5a -11p. It is confusing and annoying.

- Resort pool closes by 7pm. *two slow long blinks*

The above are just minor paper cuts. My favorite thing about Red Rock?

The pool!


Catch me at the pool in between sessions!

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