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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer 2012: Oddest wine


When I went to Jamaica to attend the Jazz Festival, (Plans fell thru. Never got a chance to get my Jazz on) I shared my vacation home with a few local friends. My friend, Sandy, and I met via Twitter. Jamaica was our first time meeting IRL!

I absolutely looove social media.

Anyways, I was chilling on the beach with Sandy and her family. Her husband asked if I would like a drink from the near by beach cafe. I obliged. He returned with a bottle of Magnum wine.

I did a DOUBLE TAKE! I immediately asked if drinking the beverage will cause me to act out and get horny. They laughed and assured me that was not going to happen. I had to make sure because the last thing I want to do is be on the island of love, jonezing for some male attention. That single life struggle is real, y'all!

Anyhoo ... one sip of the wine and I was done. The ish tasted like cherry cough syrup! No lie. I questioned if there any alcohol in it. "Supposedly" it was. I couldn't hang after a few more sips.

Next time I'm back in Jamaica, I'll just stick with the rum punch. Brata! Brata!

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