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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer 2012: It's Not Easy Being Green

Y'all know how much I love fried green tomatoes. I have been trying for a minute to perfect the recipe.

I'm pleased to say, I have come quite close this summer.


My boy Jermey gave me a recipe from Carla Hall that he found on YouTube. The chyck used buttermilk. I followed her technique and my tomatoes came out pretty decent. But I still rather have somebody else cook my food. I dunno. The prep was fun. The cooking was fun. The tasting part... not so much. I ended up only eating ONE tomato after all that work.

I tried tomatoes from a few other places:


Back in July, I went back to Savannah. Back to my beloved Whistle Stop Cafe. It was as good as the first time! The only downside was that one of the tomatoes was red!!! Blasphemy!!


These tomatoes were perfection. I say they come in 2nd place next to Whistle Stop Cafe. I enjoyed the above tomatoes during brunch at Acadiana Restaurant in DC. I will have to blog about that amaaaazing restaurant another day.


These are one of the worse green tomatoes I've had. I didn't mind the batter. I can stand a lil crispy. But these folks gave me red tomatoes! RED! Just save me the heartache and tell me you are out of the green ones! There is a very distinct difference between fried green and fried red tomatoes. Needless to say, I was so annoyed, I left them with $1 tip.

I didn't even bother to document the name of the restaurant. It was somewhere in New Orleans. I should have so that I can write a yelp review on them. There won't be a "next time" at this establishment.


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