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Saturday, June 16, 2012

So... about this migration thing

Hey ya'll....

Yea. It's been a minute.

A looooong minute.

Life has been good. I've been traveling. Sipping lots of wine. Making gallons of sangrias.
My Cinco de Mayo inspired batch
(click to enlarge)  
I also wrote about 40 blogposts.... in my head. Made lots of new bloggy friends and connections. Social Media is effin awesome.

The update is I've already migrated my content to wordpress. Once I got into wordpress and looked around at the fancy interior, I freaked out and snucked out the back door.

Lawd. I done punked out.

I thought about returning to blogger but Justice Fergie forbid me. She told me I *will* love Wordpress, once I get used to my bearings.

*side eye* 

One day, I will resurrect my blog. This year. Before Blogalicious 2012. Once I do, it's gon' be on and popping. Like me and this champange bottle.

Speaking of Blogalicous, you ARE going, right?

I talk about Blogalicious every year. Here, and  Here. In case you didn't know, Blogalicious is the ish. Justice Fergie asked me to be a part of her "Dream Team" . That's like me getting the chance to touch the hem of Jesus' garment. Okay, a bit dramatic but for real, Fergie is doing the damn thing. She sees potential in me that I have yet to realize.

Lawd, lemme me shake my shimmy!

That's not to say that I've fallen completely off the map. I'm still very much active on Twitter. You should check out my cocktail board on Pinterest. As if I didn't need another social media addiction, I created an account with Instagram: Travel Jonez. Be forewarned: filter or no filter, my photography skillz are wack.

That's the update with me. I'm heading to Mexico on Monday, in which I'll have another imaginary blogpost for you. Or better yet, just check the pics on the Travel Jonez Instagram. I'm so hyped for this trip that I packed 3 days early. Yes. Three whooole days. Those of you who has follow me knows I'm usually packing the morning of and running thru the terminal three minutes before the plane door closes.

*side eye my damn self* 

Next time I return, it will be formally announce that the wordpress blog is up and running.

 Lord willing.


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