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Monday, January 23, 2012

What to pack.... What to wear.... {Jamaica Jazz Festival Edition}

I leave in two days for sunny Jamaica. T-W-O days!!!

I'm sooooo not ready.

I don't even have a hotel room secured yet. I have a few prospects but I'm waiting on a few more emails responses. Jamaicans be on that island time for real. I'm not at all worried. My travel partner is freaking out though.

I'm more concerned about what the heck I am going to wear. I'm thrilled to be trading my parka and boots for maxi dresses and wedges. I came across JB Style Zone, fashion blog that gave me just the inspiration I need.
image credit: JB Style Zone

By the way, isn't that model's afro fierce?

Speaking of afro, let me post this and head to my local barber for a fresh fade and then off to the nail salon. Lots to do. Lots to do.


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Roxann said...

You're soooooooo lucky!!! I wish I could go to jamaica at this second. I definitely need it :-P