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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best of 2011: Day 1 - Best Trip

Two years ago, I participated in the Best of 2009 challenge. It was a lot of fun sharing highlights and I have decided to do it again. Sadly, (or happily, depending on your out take) the creator of this challenge no longer blogs, so I'm just going to use the same format and probably switch out a topic or two. I'm a week behind, but I'll catch up.

Day 1:  Best Trip

There wasn't a lot of travel this year. I just went back to a lot of old places. Chicago, NYC (several times, especially Prince), Jamaica (again), and a family trip to Ocean City (a first!!). The best trip for 2011 was with the bestie and her babygirl for our birthday trip to Savannah, Georgia.

Do not sleep on Savannah.

It's a pretty city with a lot of charm. We went for 2 days and there was still plenty more to explore. We will definitely be back. Below are a few random pictures from the trip.

This train car is the actual Whistle Stop Cafe restaurant. Best  fried green tomatoes eva!
The Whistle Stop has old suitcases for props. Butter took one down for a picture opp. The suitcase opened up and a spider fell out! 
Butta Baby and Nyla being silly. That lil girl ROCKS! 
The water was amaaaazing on Tybee Island. I broke my flip flop . 

Visited the Spice and Tea Exchange. I left with this habanero sugar. I'm going to use it in the chocolate fondue for my holiday cocktail party. 
The only group photo. Love these girls!! 
That's Randy's BBQ in the background there. We attempted twice to dine and both times they were closed. They open when they feel like it. We read amazing Yelp reviews and wanted to check them out. Up close, you can smell the collard greens seeping from the bricks. The food must have been THAT good. Butta Baby was pretty sad about it. 

Couldn't miss a jumping picture opp. Side note: My arms don't always look that good.

We dined at Cobble Stone Cafe. Each table had a journal where you can leave a note. Baby Nyla left her scribbles on the left and that's mine on the right. The food wasn't that great here. We liked this the least next to Sweet Potatoes Cafe. 
The HIGHLIGHT of our trip was a trip to Leopold's Ice Cream  Shoppe. They were hosting a major party to celebrate their 92nd anniversary. I participated in a jump rope contest. Almost lost my damn breath, but I won!!
Interior of Leopold's. 92 cent ice cream FTW!

Also check out my post on the Savannah Bee Company and my Fried Green Tomato highlights. 


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