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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sundried Tomato Alfredo - Pasta Valente

I'm hyped for the upcoming Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment show that is happening this weekend. Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to an event meeting with the show's founder,  Denise Medved, while networking with other foodie friends and noshing to small bites prepared by PS7 chef.
Bill and Denise Medved
We even took a brief moment to fellowship over wine with Jacques Pepin , via Skype.  Check out this cool interview feature on Jacques via Food Network Magazine

At the end of the event, I was presented with a gift bag filled with lots of good food samples. I'll share a few of the goodies over the course of the month.

The first thing I couldn't wait to try was the sample of Pasta Valente. I eat pasta at least twice a week. For the simple fact that it is sooo easy to prepare and I can get from stove to fork in a matter of 15 minutes after a busy work day.

Pasta Valente is locally handcrafted by Fran Valente, here in Charlottesville, VA. She started cranking them out in her sewing room and selling her fresh pasta at local farmers markets before making them available at local grocery stores.

The brand comes with a handful of flavors. The flavor that came in my gift bag was the black olive and garlic. I paired it with a sun dried tomato alfredo sauce. At the time, I was pretty hungry so I skipped out the step where I usually saute some garlic & onions to accompany my pasta. After I mentioned my regret to not saute garlic, my roommate took a bite of the dry pasta and claimed she can taste the garlic pretty strong.
*shrugs*. Well that solves that.
The pasta did not take long at all. After 5 minutes of boiling, it was al dente and ready for consumption.

Here is the final product, which I garnished with sun dried tomatoes. (I was going to add red olives but roommate vetoed that.)

Verdict: This was soooo yummy. The sun dried tomaotes was an awesome touch because it added a burst of sweetness in every bite. What I loved most about the dried pasta was the short cooking time it required. That factor alone is a huge bonus for a time strapped chyck like me.


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semplo said...

Ok it looks good - But what I want to know is where do you get RED Olives. Never heard of them, but sound good to me.