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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Su Vino Winery: Bottle Your Own Wine

Last summer my mom and her best friend visited Su Vino Winery, a small winery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The winery not only features a tasting room, but they offer the opportunity to create your own custom wine. This is ideal for when you want to celebrate an occasion, create favors for your wedding, birthday, or do it just for the heck of it.

My mom and her bestie, both whom love their share of vino decided to do it for the heck of it and commerate their summer spent together. I'll let her tell the story..

I'll wait...

Two months has since passed and last month I flew down to Phoenix to spend a week catching up with my mom and old friends. I planned my visit so that I can join her when it was time to bottle the white wine they customized. The wine they created, Summer Rain, has a sweet taste similar to Reisling.

The bottling session was fun. I didn't do much bottling. I freaked out after the cork machine temporary spazzed out on me. From that point on, I was just content taking pictures and sipping wine.

Below is the play by play of the wine bottling and how it all works. Excuse the horrible picture quality. I took them all using my blackberry. Ya'll know the crackberry is wack. You may have to click each picture to enlarge.

The package came with 30 bottles of wine. The first two steps was to wash each bottle and hang it on the red thingy with branches to dry.

Next, we siphoned the wine from the jug into the bottle. The 3rd picture looks confusing/blurry so I labeled the process a bit. Once the bottle was filled, a cork was inserted into this vaccum like machine and sealed the bottle.

There was a buffet of different color toppings to choose from. Best friend choose blue, orange, and green for her selection. Ma chose purple and some other colors that I can't remember. I did ask Ma to bottle one in a silver color to save for my wedding day - - if I ever get married. She begrudgingly obliged. 

Once the topper color was selected, it was briefly inserted into this heating thingy to seal. Then came the labeling. The back label with the description, logo, and bottling date was attached first.

Su Vino provides a template that allows you to create your own custom label. Ma and her bestie loved this idea and chose a picture they took the day of their barreling. They submitted the completed template to Su Vino, who then printed the labels to adhere to each bottle.

Then the front label was attached and thus completed the entire bottling session. One bottle down, 29 more to go....

Bottling was quick. We were done in an hour (or less). After that we toasted our efforts and sipped on the Summer Rain.

Ma will be returning in November to bottle the red that she and the bestie created. Sadly, I won't be there this time around but it's pretty much the same thing. I just want to drink the stuff.  (Ma, mail me two bottles of red, please!) 

I looooved this and I want to one day do this for myself. As much wine as I drink, I oughta be creating a TravelJonez wine and an accompany customized wine glass to sell to the masses. I guess the question is: Why haven't I done this already?!



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6 galsal said...

Create your own custom wine? That sure sounds fun! Your mom and her friend were lucky to experience the joys of wine making. The good news is you can also make your own wine at home. You can blend your own flavors and mix some of your favorite taste. You never know, you might create a signature Travel Jonez fine tasting wine. How does that sound?