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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Prince-y Dilemma

It's no secret that I'm a huge Prince fan. If ya didn't know.. now you do! I've always mildly enjoyed his music but once I saw him live earlier this year...  I am now a FAN and now got three decades of music to catch up on.

Purple Rain 

Let me tell you... that man is talented. TALENTED. I think there is like 15 other words to describe him but I really don't need to get into it. Either you know... or you don't know. (Like Justice Fergie, for example. Check # 69 on her list)

Hey slayed me in this red outfit. SLAYED!

Fergie, He's a BIG effin deal...

Let's make a long story short. I've already saw Prince live in concert twice this year. Both times at Madison Square Garden in January and February respectively.  He then continued his tour in LA where tickets where a whopping $25! (I swear, LA gets allll the good stuff!!) I couldn't afford to travel to the West. He spent his summer in Europe and after that tour was done, I heard nothing about any more dates. Until recently. He's doing a mini Canada tour, with two dates in Toronto.

Toronto?!? I can do Toronto!!

No... I haven't had enough of him. So silly of you to even ask me that question. 

Here's my dilemma:
* * The only date I can do this is 11/25 * *
* * I must be back in DC no later than 3pm on 11/26 * *
* * My entire budget is $300 * *

I have a free place to stay. A friend who lives in the downtown area graciously offered me her condo. If I'm not mistaken, she lives in or near the downtown area. Close to the venue. That solves that.

Concert ticket cost me $100 for section 200-ish area. Not tooo horrible.

With just $200 remaining, there is the dilemma of figuring out how to get there. Here's the scenerios I've played out:

 > Take Megabus from DC to Toronto. 22 hours (with no delay) roundtrip and the ticket cost approx $80. This option, while exhausting, is out because it brings me back to DC too late for my Saturday event 

> Take Megabus from DC to Buffalo, drive to Toronto (only 2hrs from Buff) for the concert and back, then hop on the bus back to DC. *whew* This option is out because once again I will arrive too late for my Saturday event. 

> Take the Megabus one way to Toronto, stay over night, and then fly back to DC first thing in the morning. A one way ticket to DC/BWI is around $300. This option is out. Kills the budget. 

> Take Megabus one way to Buffalo, drive to Toronto and back, then fly home to DC first thing in the morning from Buffalo. One way to DC was approx $250-300. However, one way 10am flight from BUF - BWI was $120 on Priceline and Orbitz. This is option is doable!!! This means I don't eat in Toronto, but who cares. I'll starve to see the Purple One. 

> Use my airline miles - I had enough of them to make the one way flight from Toronto but the effing airline had to establish the day after Thanksgiving as a blackout date. Out. Out. Out. *throws temper tantrum on kitchen floor*

Greyhound and Amtrak was out due to pricing (too high) and timing (not flexible enough)

If only my roommate was not so vocal about me being present for her big birthday bash Saturday night, this would have been easy. Option #1 or 4, hands down. By now, I'd just be playing Prince music 24/7 and having a daily countdown.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of what is important to me: Prince or friendship??

What would YOU do? Did I leave out any potential travel scenarios?  Are you a fan? If so, what are you favorite songs?

My Top 5 songs:
Forever In My Life <-- This goes HARD.
Starfish and Coffee
Gett Off
I Hate U
Raspberry Beret

Share with me your top 5, pretty please.



Ronda Ready said...

Top 5- 1.Darling Nikki
2.The Beautiful Ones
3. Raspberry Beret
4. Adore
5.Get Off

Did you try the hidden city method when looking for flights from Toronto?

Jonez said...

Ronda - Hidden City Method??? School me!

Ronda Ready said...

It's a bit time consuming, but you have to look for flights that are headed to every other city but DC. But it has a layover in DC. Example. Toronto to Orlando with a 3 hour layover in DC will be cheaper than direct to DC. When they layover, just don't get back on the plane LOL. Google it, i'm sure someone else explains it better :)

Jonez said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! I've had clients that asked me to look into this for their own travel plans. I even know a few people that got in a lil trouble with airlines for attempting it. It's risky but sometimes it DOES work!