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Monday, November 7, 2011

Metrocooking Show Loot

Last year when I attended the show, I left empty handed. This year, I told myself to set a budget & purchase only the things that make me jump of joy on the spot.

What's cool about my loot is everything except the coffee was locally made/produced. Feels good to keep my dollars in the DMV.

Keith's Treats and Eats Sweet Potato Bread
I haaad to get this. Last year I ate enough samples for at least 3 slices. This year, I did not hesitate. I'm pretty sure this bread is going to be gone in about 2 days.

Nature Isle Spicy Fruit Chutney
I did not jump for joy but this left such an impression on my palette, I couldn't just walk away. I gotta think of recipe ideas to incorporate with this.

Organo Gourmet Black Coffee (Red Box)
I was intrigued because the sign hyped up the coffee as healthy, but as soon as they said the coffee was instant, my *side eye* was in full effect. Last time I was served instant coffee was a few weeks ago by a friend's mother. Lawd, that stuff was harsh! I politely waited until the mother left before disposing of it.
He met my side eye and raised me by offering some kind of counter that I now forgot. So, yes, I'm skeptical but I brought it cuz I really want to believe that this is a good coffee product.

Stiff Willi Chili Pepper Sauce Now this stuff... Had me jumping on the spot. The way it was presented in the demo was the sauce was poured over creme cheese and served with a Ritz cracker.*Insert Emerald BAM here*  Sold! I'm putting this stuff in my chili, my raemen noodles, and everything. I want this on my falalfel too. Man, I got ideas for this bad boy!

Cynirje Earrings

These blingy earrings was love at first sight. Literally. The designer offered them in various colors & sizes. I chose the smallest size which is the one I'm wearing in the picture, which frames my little head perfectly. Loove these!

I gave myself a $100 budget and I didn't even come close. I guess if I didn't spend so much time in the wine tent, I would have brought more stuff. (Another post later about the fabulous vinos from the show)

The only thing I'm currently regretting not purchasing is the cavi-art caviar from Plant Based Foods. It was my first time trying the stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I can find the stuff locally.

Any recipe suggestions for the chutney? Please share!


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