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Monday, September 5, 2011

Savannah Bee Company

The very first stop during our Savannah Birthday trip was to the Savannah Bee Company. I'm not much of a honey fan but I was attracted to the option that you can sample as much  honey as you'd liked while visiting the small shop.

This is not your average supermarket honey. Which I loathe. This is the good shyt. Reaaally good.

1) People lined up to taste
2) Up to 6 different bottles of pure honey for tasting
3) Apple and cheese slices with real honeycomb (Yum!!) 

Butta Baby and I gushed from the second we walked into the building. She went straight for the tasting bar and I went straight to browsing at all of their inventory and displays. Including literature about each honey they have on hand and the region it is harvested from. They didn't just stop at honey. You purchase honey soap, lotion, toys, and shaving kits. Everything was reasonably priced and the staff was extremely knowledgeable.

After tasting several different honeys,our favorite was the Tupelo. Of course we had to like the most expensive and most rare kind of honey available. It taste soooo good by itself. One of the guys suggested it is  great to replace sugar in baking, on fruits, and cheeses as well.  We each purchased a bottle to take home. I cannot wait to think of creative ways to use the honey. So far, I've slathered them all over my biscuits. That's what they do in the south, right? (Sorry, I can't hang with Butter. The dairy product not my BFF)

There were also some cute touches such as the large beehive play house (Which baby Nyla was hardly interested in) and they had a huge autograph book on the counter for all to sign before they leave. Butta Baby and I left our mark.

At the end of the weekend, Butta Baby and I both agreed the Savannah Bee Company was the highlight of our trip. We had a fantastic time and loved the products. So weird that such a small place made a huge impact on us.

They have several locations in the greater Savannah city. We went to the downtown location since it was near by a few other restaurants we had lined up on our itinerary. Seriously make this a stop the next time you're in town. Even if you don't like honey, you can enjoy their skin products and smell just as delicious as the honey taste.

As I've mentioned before: This place rocks!!

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