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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sangria: Jungle Fever

I'm behind on showcasing my weekly sangrias. Here'e what I made for Labor Day weekend:

1 bottle Cabernet
1 bottle Chardonnay
1/2 c banana liqueur
1c MD 20/20 "Banana Red" flavor
Frozen blueberries and blackberries

The whole time I was creating this batch the "Jungle Fever" tune kept playing in my head so the name stuck.

Verdict: No more bananas in my wine! This is the 2nd time I've created a drink using the banana liqueur and the 2nd time I've had 'mixed' feelings about it.

This is a strong batch. I kept getting a headache every time I drink it. I think the 20/20 is to blame too. That is one ghetto, cheap wine cooler. I brought it from the liquor store in the hood and figured: 'what the heck'.

Heck NO!

This is the first time I did not finish my sangria. I got like 1/2 vase left. I just may chuck it down the drain.

(Yes, I create all my sangria's using a flowe vase. Who gon' check me, boo?)

I can already see my mama *side eyeing* me and giving me lip. Wasting all that good likka is not an option.

Who wants a sip?



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