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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buffalo/Irene in a Nutshell

* I left DC at 5:30pm and it was sunny and blue skies. My mom told me that the weather channel told her the winds would start around 6pm. It was reported to be a Category 3 storm.

* Katrina was a Category 3 storm.

* It took two hours for me to leave DC with all the traffic I was in. It was still sunny.

* At that point, I started throwing major side eye, wondering if I was tripping over the whole thing and should have just stayed my a$$ at home because it was all hype.

* Yes, I pulled over to the side of the road on Rt. 15 to make myself a peanut butter & jelly sammich. I tweeted about it and when I got home, my mom friend, who wants nothing to do with twitter found out about it. She won't tell me who her 'source' is.

* Around 1am I arrived to Rochester. Tired and in need of a serious stretch. Due to the late hour, I was not about to hit up my Rochester friends to crash. I attempted to look into a hotel. Most hotels in the area was sold out, thanks to the local area colleges starting their first week of classes/orientation around that time.

* I texted my brother (who was waiting up for me... ain't he sweet?) and told him I'll make the final 1 hour drive to Buffalo. Only to give up fifteen minutes later because I was seriously falling asleep behind the wheel. I pulled into a rest stop and slept in the parking lot for 5 hours.

* The next morning I woke up and completed the drive. Got to Buffalo by 8:30am. I woke my brothers up to have them let me in the house.

* Quickly brushed my teeth/washed my face so I can be decent for my trip to the barber shop. Not before I spent an hour cleaning up their living room.

* When I left, most trash was hauled out and you could actually see the dining room table. I bet now, a week later, that table is covered in old mail, pizza boxes, and discarded soda bottles again. My brothers live like the bachelors they are.

* Before I left, I bribed my two brothers to do my laundry. The cost: one egg McMuffin and one sasuage biscuit. Each. Greedy.

* Luckily I found a BOGO free Egg McMuffin coupon on the dining room table when I cleaned up the house.  That helped my food bill.

* Got my hair cut and the barber cut my hair in 15 minutes and charged me $12.

* D.C. barbers: Learn from that shyt! A hair cut shouldn't cost me $20 and it shouldn't take 30 minutes to shave 1/3 inch of hair and most importantly, Buffalo barbers aren't using pencils and markers to color in lines and beards.

* My brother and I made a bet on what year my grandmother died. I said '92. He said '94. We ran up to my old bedroom, where I had her obituary taped to my wall. Sam won. I paid him $5.

* While in my old bedroom, I started digging around. Found lots of old jewelry, documents, and pictures. Including a bunch of things that belong to my grandmother in the garage. After a while, I bid my brothers good bye, grabbed my clean clothes and headed to my sister-in-love's apt to see the kiddos.

* When I got there, the kids were in the tub. When they saw me they yelled: "Auntie Jaaazz!" Music to my ears.

* 45 minutes later, Lil Man and I were asleep on the couch for a two hour nap.

* Awoken from nap by a phone call from Daddy. He wanted to take me out to dinner. So babygirl and I got dressed and met him for pizza.

* While at pizza spot, the tv was on the news, which announced Irene was dropped to a tropical storm. *major side eye to Prez and my mama while munching on pizza*

* I coulda been in DC catching up on my netflix.

* Went back to sis-in-love's house to get the kids packed up for a sleep over at one of their friend's  house.

* Whipped up a batch of sangria. Once the kids left, sis and I each have a glass. We both fall asleep watching the new 'Karate Kid'. Yea, we are some sleepy party poopers.

* Sunday morning I attempt to visit my home church. I got the times mixed up because I arrived the last 20 minutes of service.

* Godmother invites me to Sunday dinner at her house. We stuff ourselves on mac 'n cheese, beans, chicken, peach cobbler, and my sangria. I didn't leave until 7:40pm.

* Get on the road to Rochester. The plan was to visit my RIT friends for a few hours and then hit the road for an over night drive back to DC.

* I get to campus by 9pm. My girls and I stay up talking until 5am. F-i-v-e in the morning!!

* I take a 2 hour 'nap' and on the road back to DC by 7:30am.

*I had to pull over twice to sleep. I made it to DC 12 minutes before my work shift was supposed to start. This means I had no time to return the car to Alamo, thus keeping it for another day.

* That extra day cost me $60!!!! #$%$ My favorite Alamo managers weren't there so I couldn't see about getting that extra charge reduced.

* Return to DC only to find it it barely rained and there was very little damage to my area due to Irene.

*  More *side eye to Prez, my mama, the media, and the weather men who didn't graduate weather school*

In a nutshell, I'm glad I went home. It was a great visit. Expensive. But worth every sleepless second. I asked the question on Twitter before I left if you could be stuck indoors with ONE person during the hurricane, who would it be. I gotten several good answers. At the time when I posted the question, I could not answer for myself. But now I know... it can't be ONE person. It'd have to be my family.

Ain't nothing like family. Your friends and associates can burn you but your family is forever.

On that note... let's stop the sappiness right here!

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