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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Whooole Week of Wine in DC?! Sign me up!

One of my Twitter followers said "How come I am just now learning about DC Wine Week?! Because I spent too much time with ya'll moscato drink blacks!!" (@vivrant_thang)

*falls off desk chair!!* 

*Attempts regular breaths after laughing so hard* She is right. Black folk love them some moscato. That wine annoys me sooo much. It taste like grape juice. They can get away with serving that wine during communion at church. No, really.

I did a double take. Did she say DC Wine Week?? A quick twitter search confirmed my excitement and I proceed to do my shimmy shake. I shouted my excitement Facebook and by the of the day, I have set a date with two girls to attend some of the weekly festivities. One of the girls whom I've grown up with on my block for years but just recently reconnected on FB and found out to my surprise she lives only 25miles outside of DC. Small effing world. Facebook is the bomb of ish like this.

Anyhoooo.... I will sooooo be there. I'm polishing off my wine glass, saving up my cash to purchase unlimited supplies of vino, and taking lots of pictures and video footage. Also if you know me, I just might be sneaking in my own bottle of vino or two.

Who else wants to join me? Part of the event conflicts with Blogalicious so I'll probably only have enough time to participate on 4 days worth instead of the whole week.


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