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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Savannah in a nutshell

* I am absolutely in loooove with this city!

* Southern hospitality at its finest.

* I rented an AirBnb home. My host was fantastic. He gave us an upgrade at no extra charge. Turns out he own several homes so he let us stay in one of his bigger homes.

* He turned the southern hospitality alllll the way up and gave Butta Baby and I great tips on places to see and eat.

* Speaking of southern hospitality, it was so refreshing to see people greet each other like: "How's the wife and kids doing?" And "Hey! How's your mom and dad?". They lingered during conversations. No one is in a hurry.

* These Southerners sho looove to talk.

* I was on a fried green tomato mission. I only tried three different restaurants. I wish I had more.

* Oh, that $100 budget of mine? Failed. (More deets in another post)

* I blame the dolphins.

* Speaking of dolphins, really, save your money and don't participate in the Dolphin tour.

* Back to them tomatoes: Whistle Stop Cafe  had the best tomatoes. I love them for several reasons: You dine in a real train, their prices are great, and the whole scenery just remind me of the Fried Green Tomatoes movie. (More deets in another blog post)

* "You're my lil bee charmer"

* Speaking of bees, (hee hee) Butta Baby and I checked out the Savannah Bee Company. That place ROCKS!! (More deets in another post)

* Surprisingly I did not drink a lot of wine on the trip. First night I had a migrane. Second night, I was too exhausted from sight seeing.

* Butta Baby and I went to Leopald Ice cream shop on the suggestion of my host. Turns out it was their 92nd birthday and they had a huge block party w/ swing dancing, 92 cent ice cream, and hoola hoops.

* The party had a jump rope contest. When it was announced, I ran to the front and center. I told Butta Baby: "I'm in it to win it!"

* I competed with 5 lil kids and 1 other adult. I jumped and jumped... And jumped.
After a minute or two, I was about to FALL OUT! It was just me and a lil boy. I jumped and jumped and just when I was about to throw in the rope, lil boy tripped and I won. Victory! I scored a goodie bag full of toys, which I promptly gifted to my God-daughter. Should I feel bad about taking toys from a lil boy?

* The goodie bag included a big tube of bubbles. She and the rest of the party folks enjoyed the heck outta them. The event photographer took like fibty-gabjillion pics of me. I'm sure I'm going to pop up on their website or facebook page soon.

* The three of us agreed that block party was the highlight of our trip. We stayed for 3 hours and that good time only cost 92cents! Bargain!

* Wished the rest of my trip cost 92 cents.

* Another favorite about the trip: Butta Baby drove the whoooole time. Both ways. My bestie rocks.

* We loved exploring the city so much it was almost hard to pull ourselves away to enjoy the beach on Tybee Island.

* Once we got there, we were so glad we went. The Atlantic felt soooo good in between our toes.

* We only stayed on the island for like an hour. We only had 4 quarters for the meter at the beach.

* One of the gas stations on Tybee might have my picture posted on their wall as a wanted fugitive. I walked out of there without paying 25cents for a cup of ice.

* Sorta did it on purpose. Sorta didn't do it on purpose.

* Just call me the ice bandit!

* Yooooo! We checked out Lady and Son's. I was trynna stay away from most tourist traps but I HAD to try Paula Deen's spot.

* Paula's fried green tomatoes were not great at all. However her mac 'n cheese, yams and string beans were off. da. chaaain! (More deets later)

* Worst Fried Green Tomato goes to Sweet Potato Kitchen. Matter fact don't spend any money there. Well, maybe just a lil bit of money. (More deets later)

* What's up with a lot of these Savannah restaurants not having official websites?

* Secret's in the sauce! *winks* (I just had to throw that in there somewhere)

* Can you believe Butta Baby never seen the movie?! She's a movie collector! I was shocked. We'll have to fix that soon.

* My God-daughter rocks and is an awesome travel companion! Just wish that girl went to bed at 10pm so we could do grown folk thangs.

* We ate sooo much food!

* Speaking of food: We missed the chance to go to Randy's BBQ. It's hood but reviews said it was sooo good. I have to agree cuz when I approached the building to see if the establishment had hours posted, (which they didn't) I literally smelled the collard greens seeping from the bricks long after they closed!

* Randy's phone is disconnected. You just have to do a drive by.

* There's so much more of this charming city that Butta Baby and I have yet to explore. We haven't even touched on the historical parts. We spent so much time eating and dancing with ice cream in our hands.

* We agreed we will definitely come back. We love the baby, but we're gonna leave her home next time. We wanna do grown folk thangs: like Wet Willie's.


* Follow @VisitSavannah on Twitter. Whoever is behind that twitter account is so engaging and informative.

* Packing light is for the m'effin birds. In my attempt to pack light I left behind my camera charger, blanket, and pillow. It was cold on the plane and my camera died Saturday night after taking over 100 photos.

* I manged three pair of shoes, 3 outfits, toiletries, 2 books, magazine, laptop in a book bag and tote bag. It felt good to pack light but next time my red carry on suitcase is coming with me!

* Butta Baby camera died Saturday afternoon but luckily she brought her charger so we had fresh batteries for Sunday's excursions. Between the two of us, I say at least 250-300 photos were taken.

* On that note: let me sign off. More details to come. No more vacations for me until October. That's when I'll back home to Phoenix. My first time back since I left last September!


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