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Friday, August 26, 2011

Road Trip... Inspired by Irene

Long story short: I blame my Mama & the Prez. I was cool on hurricane Irene. I was so thankful I was off work this weekend. I was gonna use the downtime to breathe from a full month of travels; catch up on my reading, blogging, and netflix, while sipping on this week's Sangria concoction. Then the Prez got on the tv talking about Irene has a potential to cause "historical impact" to the D.C. Area. Then I texted my Mama & she responded: "Go! Leave now!". Followed by hurricane details she copped off

One of my twitter follwers said: "Irene is not playing games! She already snatched off her wig and earrings!"


Within 15 minutes, I booked my Alamo car rental using a 10% discount and a free rental day code bringing my total rental to a cool $99 after taxes & fees.

I spent the next hour packing & cleaning. *sigh* This packing light business of mine ... I just can't do it sometimes.

The above photo is everything I'm taking on the road with me. The red bag is full of groceries. Inside I got 2 bottles of wine, fruits, 2 pb & j sammiches, 4 rolls of crackers, a bag of candy, nutella, nila wafers, and a jar of roasted peanuts. Oh, and I packed 2 green tomatoes and panko breading. Brought the tomatoes from the farmer's market almost two weeks ago. I wanna eat them joints before they ripen. (Shoutout to JJ who showed me an awesome video with Carla Hall instructing how to make the perfect green tomato. Can't wait to try it!)

No, I'm not drinking the wine on the road. Wherever I settle for the weekend, I'm stirring up a big pitcher of sangria.

I'm doing the most. I know.

The green bag contains dirty laundry. I never get time to do laundry and I'm running low on the undies. Hopefully I can find time this weekend to get that handled.

My bookbag there has everything else. Laptop, books, notepads, toiletries, and a few more clothing items.

I'm only leaving town with three shoes. The flip flops on my feet, my birthday shoes (leopard print heels) & black Steve Madden heels. I wanted to bring more but I had to remind myself that I'm COMING BACK home in 2 days. Not running away for good.

Now I'm on the road, Chevy Malibu on the 295, Prince on the iPod, & coffee in hand. Oh, I brought my flip camera too. Hopefully lots of video footage to follow .

I think I'm being a lil silly for running outta town like this. But I kinda like the excuse to leave town. Plus I wanna see my family, get a (cheap) haircut from my old neighborhood barbershop, and eat some Leonardi's pizza while catching up with a few old friends. Oh, oh! Ted's hotdogs too!

Lemme stop blogging and pay attention to the road. I'm on the 695 and traffic is a beeeyotch.



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