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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Packing light... or at least attempting to do so

I'm an expert at packing. No, seriously. I can fit at least two weeks worth of clothes in a carry on luggage. This is mostly due to color coordinating my outfits and rolling up each piece of clothing into small tubes or balls to maximize luggage space. I usually travel with no less than 4 pairs of shoes. One trip, I took 6. Hey, I like options! 

Last weekend when I went to Ocean City with the family, I attempted to pack even lighter! Meaning I was able to stuff 7 outfits and three bathing suits in a tote bag. This also includes my toiletries and unmentionables. In a cooler bag, I packed my shoes and books. When I got to my condo, I just emptied the shoes/books and used the cooler on the beach as planned. 

Even still with all that, I over packed. While in Ocean City, I was either in my bathing suit or my pajamas. I really didn't need all those extra clothes. As for the shoes, mostly I wore my flip flops. 

Hmm... it got me thinking.... 

This weekend I'm heading to Savannah for a quick weekend trip with the BFF. Again, our agenda will be simple. Just beach and lots of restaurants with a bit of sight seeing. I won't need to pack 5 outfits. In fact, my plan is to pack whatever I can fit into my book bag. I will also bring a small tote that will include my laptop and camera. The tote will also double as a purse during my daytime excursions. 

I'm leaving a lot of stuff behind and reducing to this:

2 bathing suits
2 summer dresses
1 jean w/ long sleeve shirt
2 shoes (flip flop and wedges) 

That's it. 

To be honest, I'm really giving myself an epic *side eye* but I'm really going to try and attempt this. 

What essentials must you take with you for a weekend getaway? A sista wants to know.... 

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Joey said...

Well, my friend I applaud your efforts :) impressive.. If perhaps you got a Android or even *cough* an Iphone you could leave behind the laptop.. However I suspect your gonna say you need the laptop for work ?

Safe travels!