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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jonez Family beach trip: What I've learned so far

Clearly I love the beach more than the entire family combined.

I was surprised the kiddos loved the beach. It was their first experience. They loved the water even more. Sadly, they got sick of the whole thing after the 3rd day.

I am breaking my self-imposed 4 day vacation rule. I'm with the family for 6 days. I love 'em but I'm ready to go home soon.

Lil Man met my dad for the first time. They hit it off!

My sisters are high maintenance. Multiple outfit changes and ish. Who wears wedges to the beach?!

My sisters nap. A lot.

The entire family spent a lot of time indoors during the day. Only venturing outside after sundown. Kinda defeats the purpose of a beach trip if you're not gonna spend that much time on the beach. Different folks. Different strokes.

Waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise is aweeeesome! God & his works are so amazing. The water was so calm and serene. For a brief second I remembered these same waters can cause utter destruction. I respect the ocean.
The salty breeze is absolutely wonderful.

Do not give people your magazines to read until you're done reading them. Folks will assume it's theirs to keep. -__- I'm a lil salty that my Mom T is hoarding my Oprah magazine.

Smartly, I've hidden my Real Simple & Food Network magazine in the rental car.

Speaking of rental car, it pays to have an amazing relationship with your local agency. Got another free upgrade. Riding around town with 2 kids in a roomy Dodge Charger.

I made most of the meals on this trip for the family. Which is great cuz I enjoy cooking. I really wish this was a great time to use new recipes. My family likes bland food & in the past have turned their noses up at my creative culinary creations.

I'm spoiled by my island beaches. Servers to bring my drinks and spacious beaches without the crowds.

Ocean City is nice but def not making it a frequent thing. A lil too crowded & touristy for me.

We caught a reggae concert on the beach. That was fun. Enjoyed by all.

Since I don't wear my aid on the beach much, I've been teaching the family sign language. They pick up fast. Loving it.

Mom T loves my sangria. Not before giving me a stern lecture about always drinking wine & doing it in front of the kids. I told her I will only be drinking it while the kids are in bed.

The kids are down for their afternoon nap and I was soooo tempted to bring some 'gria to the beach with me but I didn't want to hear anyone's mouth.

I need to keep the family gatherings short 'n sweet. This side of the Jonez family don't always 'get' me & that's a lil annoying.

Walking on the beach at 2am with my sisters was awesome. Bonding time is always a good time.

Jay-z, Prince, and a lil Kirk Franklin on the beach is what's going down.

I fondly remember when E and I would hook up the splitter on the iPod and have karaoke on the beach while sipping Raspberry Vodka & Cranberry juice. Good times. Good times.

It's 90 something degrees outside. Why is the lifeguard wearing sweat pants & a jacket???

I know I've said in the past that I'll avoid the internet during the next vacation. This vacation was it. Why did my family rent a condo w/ no internet connection?!??! I've been going thru serious internet withdrawals. Several of my jobs requires me to be plugged in. I'm going crazy not checking my emails & not getting things crossed off my to-do list. No bueno.

What's up with the London riots? Was there some kinda shoot out in Nyc? All of these things I'm missing out w/no internet access but I caught blurbs on Twitter.

My chocolate tan is flyyy!

Tonight's our last night in the condo. I head back to DC Saturday. I'm going to enjoy every moment. Still no idea how I'm going to celebrate my b'day on Saturday. I'm so overwhelmed, I just can't think that far out yet.

I'm sooo blessed to be able to share this experience with my kiddos. I absolutely loooove being an Auntie. It's challenging & rewarding to have the kids for 5 full days. You full time parents, I salute you.

Next beach vacay, next weekend with Butta Baby & Nyla. Nope, I'm not sick of beaches just yet.

Happy Travels...

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