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Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebration begins.... now

I need these shoes in my life RIGHT NOW! $5 for the person that tell me where I can find a pair in size 6.5
Leo season began a lil over a week ago but I don't start celebrating til we hit the August mark. This year I'll be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday. (Don't ask questions. Don't try and figure out the math. Just go with it. Ok?)

My birthday is 13 days away but today I'm going to get it swinging with a cocktail. I am working the night shift so most likely I'll be getting my cocktail on at the noon hour. I don't give a damn who judges me. I'm a Leo, dammit. And a lush. And always looking for an excuse to drink.

On Sunday, I'll pick up the rental car and head to Philly to pick up my babies, who will be arriving in town via Megabus with their mother. It's been arranged the kiddos will spend 5 days with the Jonez side of the family in Ocean City.

You SEE these lion paw shoes right here?! Yaaaas! I want these too!
I'll return back to town on the 13th, my actual birthdate. At this time I've no idea how I'll celebrate. However, I did make brunch plans the next day at Local 16, taking advantage of a online deal. Unlimited mimosas? Yes, please. Brunch is open to anybody that wants to come.

Later that week, I'll be flying to SC to spend the weekend with my BFF, Butta Baby and her daughter, my god-daughter, Nyla. The three of us is going to have a triple Leo celebration in Savannah, Ga. We rented a beautiful vacation home via AirBnB near Tybee island, only minutes away from the beach. Butta Baby and I already agreed that Paula Deen and fried green tomatoes is on the agenda. Since we have a 2 year old in tow, there'll be very little night life. The vacation home we rented has a beautiful creek in the back  yard. I forsee us sipping champagne under the stars while admiring the fire flies & getting bit by mosquitos.

This ish right here... yes, ma'am! yes, maaaa'am! You can find them here 
I return the following Monday and back to work for a few days before I rent my dream car, a Mini Cooper for the day and drive up to northern Virginia and enjoy a few wineries in the region.

The last portion of the birth month celebration is still in the planning stages, but if it all works out, I'll spend a part of that last weekend in NYC. I've said it before, I'm soooo sick of Manhattan. I want to visit some place new. I'm hoping to spend the day/weekend soaking up the richness that is Harlem, NY.

Most of the planning has been completed. Stick around for pictures, updates, and of course budget. I'm always going to try and do it on a $100 budget if possible. Well... it's my birth month, better extend it to $200. I'm only 29.3 years old once.

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