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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Budget Recap: Ocean City, MD

Last week the family and I headed out to Ocean City. For this trip I did not follow a strict budget. I sorta wished I did, but I really had no idea how much to predict this trip would cost. My niece & nephew joined us from NY and I had them with for 5 full days. Additionally, I ended up making food purchases for my sisters as well.

However, I was spared the budget of purchasing the bulk of the food for the vacation home rental. Originally my mom & I agreed that me and one of my sisters would cover that expense. It did not happen and at the end of the trip, my mom just told me to keep the money and use that to purchase a new pair of shoes for my birthday instead. I haven't made the shoe purchase yet, but these are next on my wish list.

The travel dates were August 7th - 12th for Ocean City. My entire vacation period was August 6th - 14th. The below cost covers all of those dates.

Here's the quick and dirty break down: 
Alamo Rental Car $163
Gas & toll $133.62
Liquor $14.98
Parking $3.90
Food $98.93
Entertainment $61.24
Essentials $23.21

Total: $337.51


A few explanations: 
The rental car was an amazing deal I have secured from Alamo. I rented a compact car for 8 days. I was upgraded to a mid-size car for free. As a member I got 30% off the weekly rate, in addition to a free rental day coupon Alamo gifted me for my birthday.

Liquor purchase was contributed to making this sangria. Which my mom and I enjoyed daily.

Cabernet, peach champagne, banana liqueur, mango nectar, fresh apple and orange slices. 

Entertainment included coloring books for the road trip, magazines for the beach, and redbox video rental when we had a movie night. Additionally, we spent an afternoon on the boardwalk and the kiddos enjoyed the on site amusement park.

$300 and created new memories with my family. I miss my kiddos already. Babygirl asks A LOT of questions. She refuses to pee in the ocean so several times I had to take the 5 minute trek back to the condo for bathroom runs. Lil Man is comical as much as he is mischievous. He loves to say: "I tooooold you!" to prove a point. I was the strict Auntie, trying to enforce mommy's 9pm bedtime rule. Grandma was like "they're on vacation... let them stay up!" This leeway cut into my Sangria dranking time. I kid..I kid... sort of.

A great vacation.

In three days I head to Savannah/Tybee Island with my BFF for another beach weekend. This time, I 'm sticking to my guns with the budget. I'm putting $100 crisp cash in an envelope and hiding the debit card. When I run out of cash... I run out of fun.

I'll keep ya posted on that one...


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