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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'Emergency' Trip to Manhattan

Yesterday morning I woke up at 8am to a frantic text from my sister. She had plans to visit NYC and meet up with a friend there. That friend to put it mildly, ditched her. She was beyond annoyed because she did not want to visit the city for the first time all by her self.

So I did what any good sister, who always needs an excuse to travel do. I called off work, got dressed in 40 minutes, packed a toothbrush & my laptop and caught the next megabus smoking out of DC.

Sister was thankful.  I told her: "You owe me a NYC Pizza slice!"

We both arrive to the city minutes apart. We only had 5 hours to explore and accomplish the things on her check list before we were to catch the return bus back home. Mind you, this chyck had Brooklyn Zoo, Avenue of the Americas, some kinda bakery, a  hair salon and botanical gardens on her itinerary. I let her know right away she'll get lucky if we got two things crossed off her list.

First thing we did was set off to Miss Jessie's. Hair Salon, located near the Canal Street area. Ever since my sister chopped off her hair and went natural, she's been obsessed with the brand.  She purchased her products and we snapped a few pictures and then headed back out.

On our way to go to the cafe to briefly meet up with the friend that ditched her earlier, I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping. A new pair of shoes and 6 new pairs of earrings. Now that I'm bald, I gotta step the accessories game up a notch. All of the below was a cool $25 total! 

After that 'anti-climatic' (her words, not mine) meeting with the "friend" we headed to Manhattan. She wanted to see 5th Avenue. We walked several blocks and took a bunch of pictures. I snapped the below picture of her admiring the magic and craziness that is downtown Manhattan.

This chyck is too pretty for her own good!
We both were starving. While on the Megabus, I texted a college friend of mine and let him know that I was going to be in the area for a few hours. We quickly made dinner plans and met up at Qi Bangkok Eatery.
I found this eatery directly off the subway stop. I was attracted to the ambiance, chandelier, and glass scenery. The menu prices were also extremely affordable.  This restaurant was the highlight of our day trip.

My sister ordered a glass of fresh coconut juice with real coconut slices and this amazing Sesame Crusted Salmon. Amazing, I tell you!
My friend and I both ordered curry dishes. Mine was on the spicer side as requested. This was another delicious dish!
We left the restaurant with only 15 minutes to spare to catch our bus back home. We headed towards the subway. Once we got to our destination, we were met with torrential rain that came out of absolutely no where. With only 7 minutes before scheduled departure, we ran the three blocks to our bus stop, completely drenched.

We snapped this quick picture. The bus driver almost left without us!

Sister had a great time and I had a nice 'day off'. I never did get that pizza though.

The budget beakdown for those of you who may care:
Megabus Roundtrip: $35.00
Shopping: $25.00
Dinner: $10.00 (friend generously paid. I covered tip)
Snack: $2.00
Cafe: $15.00
Total: $87.00

Back to work!


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