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Friday, July 29, 2011

Strawberry-Basil Sangria

I was inspired to create a Strawberry-Basil sangria and totally just winged it. I'm pleased to say after a lil trial and error, it came out really good!

Here are the cast of characters

Speaking of tasting, I took a sample of the frozen guava juice. It was on the tart side so I only used 1/3 of the mixture and stored the rest back in the freezer. Other than that, no measurements here. Just throwing it all in the pot. I also sprinkled some sugar on the frozen strawberries and quartered them.
Here is the finished results 
Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. The longer it sits, the better it tastes. 
Rachael Ray has this cool feature in her magazine where she takes a picture of a celebrity's fridge and interviews them about the items inside. So let's pretend I'm famous so I can play along for a few seconds.
A) If you have to ask...walk stage left
B) Nutella. I just learned I'm NOT supposed to put this in the fridge. It was promptly removed. Make nutella sandwiches with Nila wafers. Soooo addictive.
C) Some leftover Redbull from one of my late nights.
D) Where the hayle did "D" go?!
E) I always have wine ready in my apt. Everyday is a special occasion.
F) Save your money & don't buy Trader Joe's vodka sauce. This stuff is on the watery side.
G) I do not even know what this stuff is. I'll point the finger at my roommate. 

After a few hours I sampled the batch. It was taaart. Roommate agreed. I struggled with an idea of what to put in the batch to sweeten it up. You've seen my fridge. Not much juice & sweet items. I loathe putting sugar in my Sangria. Turns out this was the best solution for this dilemma. I boiled some sugar, water, and basil leaves and made a flavored syrup that brought this sangria up a few notches.

All done! 

Here is next week's sangria. I'll have to think of a name. Any suggestions?


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