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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daydreaming about T&C....

This morning I got an email from JetBlue advertising another one of their $44 sales. I did a quick price check on their website because I'm forever checking for low fares to Phoenix. (Which Jetblue almost never offers...) I was pleased to see a deal for $99 one way between JFK to Turks & Caicos. 

I put out a quick announcement on facebook page and was surprised to get a few responses. 

Then I started daydreaming...  "Hmm... how much would a trip like this cost?" I already know from working with previous clients, travel to T&C is NOT cheap. It is a luxury destination. 

I plugged in the dates of September 11th and got the $99 rate. Unfortunately, this rate only applies for US-outgoing flights only. Returning 4 days later will cost me $149, thus bringing my total airfare to $359.60

I did some hotel searching and found Beaches Turks and Caicos, which is all inclusive wanted close to $2k for 4 nights. That's a bit steep for a sista. So I'm guessing I can't do the all inclusive thang without shelling some dough that could go towards my shoe collection. 

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After some more price checking and reading several reviews, I picked Royal West Indies resort. The pics looks fab (I learned not to rely on them) and the reviews were mostly great. The price is right. USAirways vacations is offering the resort at $751 or $375 per person. *Ching Ching* 

The rooms comes with a small kitchen and fridge. Reviews mentioned there is a pastry shop down the road from the hotel as well as a grocery store. I could keep cost low by eating breakfast & lunch in my room and just spend funds dining out for dinner. Turks being a chill island, there isn't much to do in way of excursions and night life. (Unless I stay at the all-inclusive resort, then my options expand) Which is just fine by me. The resort is home to the fabulous Grace Beach, which I hear is top notch. I'm content chilling by the beach all day and watching Indian soap operas at night. This kind of trip requires me to bring a low maintenance traveler with me. I can't deal with someone who is restless and wants to be on to go. Not for T&C.

$750 for 4 days on a fabulous possible. Very much possible with some flexibility and a disciplined budget.  Sawwweeeet.

*Goes back to day dreaming....* 


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I love that you went through the reality of the entire trip down to the cents. If you can responsibly afford it, go for it! Maybe opt for a place that's not all inclusive? Sometimes you end up saving a lot of money that way and still have a great time! Keep us posted!