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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sibling Road Trip: Jacksonville, Fl

For the most part it was a smooth trip. We left after midnight but not before stopping by Wawa to pick up theee best cup of coffee in the world and take a quick photo shoot in the parking lot.

Thank God for my brother who did most of the driving. Jill put in about 6 hours herself and Ariel did the remaining hour. Yes, I volunteered NOT to drive. Hey, I picked up the rental. That's the hardest part of the whole gig!

The drive was supposed to take 13 hours. It ended up being probably 14, close to 15 hours because we took more rest stops than planned. Including an hour long stop at an outlet mall. I drooled at discount Coach purses for 30 minutes before walking away empty handed.

The Love Gathering was in a nutshell: overwhelming! Lots of family members that I've met for the first time. A lot of my dad cousins mentioned they remembered me from when I was an infant. Almost every family member was shocked that my dad has 5 kids. We got the same reaction each time we were introduced to a new member. It was kind of amusing. 

Friday night I succumbed to a migrane and missed most of the Fish Fry. Once that subsided two cousins joined us in our hotel room and we bonded til 3am. 

Saturday was the actual gathering with extended family members. Again. Overwhelming. I don't know why name tags weren't given because I don't remember nary a person. More importantly, why wasn't a family tree created and distributed? I was excited to learn that I do have a few family members that live in DC with me. We've exchanged information so I'm looking forward to keeping in touch. 

At the end of the event, Auntie G snapped this photo of me and the siblings. I say it's the best photo of the five of us so far! 

After the event, Auntie G treated us to ice cream. She's the best. I'm 29 and ice cream still excites me like a 5 year old! 

I didn't join my siblings on the road back to MD since I had Jamaica waiting on me. I took the greyhound from Jacksonville at 5am Sunday morning to Orlando. From there I flew to Jamaica. The whole trip went smooth. I was just super tired after all that traveling. Upon arriving to my resort, I took an epic nap. 

Now us siblings have to plan another road trip. Preferably someplace that requires less driving. We definitely need a bigger SUV. The Dodge Journey we rented was way too cramped for the five of us. 

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