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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jetskiing in Jamaica: Hard of Hearing Error

I'm strolling on the beach, minding my business, trynna be inconspicuous as possible. This Jamaican homie rolls up and tries to flirt. I play the deaf card. That ish doesn't work cuz he attempted to enunciate and use hand gestures to communicate with me.


That's impressive cuz I respect a guy who puts up with me without rolling his eyes.

Anyhoo... Make a long story short, I reject his offer to go swimming, but I point at the jet ski. I tell him that what I want to do.

He says: "It usually cost $18 for 30 minutes but I'll charge you $15"


I leave my bag with resort security and I give him info & tell him to look for me in case I don't return within an hour. This was necessary because the fellas handling the jetski are not affiliated with the resort.

I get suited up and within minutes, I'm rolling on the waves. My mind keeps thinking back to that scene in "Hitch" where homegirl kicks Will Smith in the face.

While I was riding the waves, I'm thinking to myself: "I'm having a blast & this is the best $15 I've spent!!"

Ride's over. Snap a few pics and then I pay him the money. He gives me a look. I asked: "$15, right?". He wrote the number $50 in the sand.


Hard of Hearing error cost me $35 dollas!

No, I was not wearing my hearing aid on the beach. Why should I?

Now I'm annoyed cuz that's half my vacay budget, which is $100 and I already used $36 out of the $100 to pay the cab in Orlando. Had I heard him correctly I would have either declined the jet ski or talked him down to less money/less minutes.

I forked over the $50, but not before withdrawing an extra $20 out the atm, plus a $6 terminal fee to get extra cash cuz I didn't bother to get cash in the States.

Maaaan! I had plans with that extra money which include internet time at the resort ($15) and bringing home a bottle of Appleton Rum and a bag of Jamaican coffee. Now I just may need to leave those behind if I stick to my guns about the $100.

In a nut shell tho, I'm having fun. I'm sending Butta Baby pics every hour of my vacation activities.

In 20 minutes I'm checking out a rum mixology class. Sunset photo shoot at 6pm. Italian dinner reservations at 7pm. After that I'm chilling. Probably in bed to catch that Indian soap opera I saw on TV last night. I left off when Rafika was in the market place and the bad guys coming after him spotted him in the square. Is he gonna run from them or try and beat them up? That is an important question!

See ya!



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