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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jamaica 2011 $100 dime budget breakdown

Earlier this week I vacationed at the Breezes Runway Bay Resort in Jamaica. I budgeted my usual $100 and I failed miserably. The only excuse I can come up with is the moment I realized I went over budget, I gave up and just kept spending money.

Not good!

This is why I try to withdraw all of my cash before the trip and put it in an envelope. Once the envelope runs dry, so does my vacation. I didn't do that this time. I had $80 COH and since I couldn't locate an ATM in the Orlando airport, I just mentally told myself that I'll use the remaining $20 for any necessary credit card purchases.

Bad idea.

Here's the breakdown:

$36 Cab ride from greyhound to Orlando Airport
$5   Tips to various cab drivers
$50 Jetski adventure (Read about that here) 
$12 Gift Shop to purchase water, postcards and local stamps
$15 One full day wifi access at the resort
$11.21 Purchase of photo after sunset photo shoot
$9.22 International ATM & debit card transactions fee.
$138.43 Total

I could have done with out the photo for sure. It would be wise to say I should not have purchased the internet pass as well. Because I was feeding my addiction to stay connected to the world, I don't feel too guilty about that splurge. However, next time, there will be NO internet. When I vacation, I just need to vacation and disconnect myself from everything and everybody. Real talk.

So with that said, yea, I failed miserably.

Butta Baby and I are currently discussing plans for an upcoming Mexico excursion. She has already filled out the paperwork to replace her lost/stolen passport. We are looking at another all inclusive resort. Really, once you go AI, why go back?


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