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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Five Hours

Is the amount of time I spent searching airfare for Jamaica.

I spent two hours last Saturday figuring prices and route options from JAX, my starting destination. I considered MCO, MIA, FLL, & DAY. Taking into account shuttle options & additional costs.

Final verdict: Will travel out of MCO, via JetBlue for $222.

I gotta bribe my brother to make the 2 hour road trip in the middle of the family reunion.

Today I spent three hours looking at numbers that hasn't changed in the last three weeks. Again debating between which airport I'm willing to fly into and arrival times. I had to stratagize what is the latest time I can leave Mobay, with connecting flights, that didn't land into DC too late. I need to be able to rely on public transportation to bring me home. I did consider an 11hr layover option in Atlanta that would have forced an overnight stay. I only know one friend in the area & it didn't seem appropriate to ask to hangout & crash just for that purpose. I also reallly wanted to avoid depending on my DC friends for a late night pick up from the airport.

Long story short, I depart MoBay @ 8am via Delta and after connections, I'll be home by 4pm. Total: $266.

Good news is I will be home in time to make the MES mixer event at the Budda Bar that day. Bad news is I have to leave my resort at 6am to make the hour & half trek back to airport.

I plan on staying up all night to maximize on my resort amenities.




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