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Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is going to be a frequent thing ...

Last Sunday the weather was absolutely georegous! After spending Saturday cooped up in my bedroom, I vowed to go out on Sunday. I hopped on the Metro & made my way over to King Street in Alexandria. King Street is the home of 20 blocks affectionately known as 'Old Town Alexandria'

The block was bustling with families & pets. Many cute shops and a few major retailors line the streets. There's also a couple historical sites, walking tours, and many restaurants to check out along the way. The area is the perfect background for a photo shoot. (Note to self: Bring Jill & Dre here)

At the of the 20 blocks, there's the water front. I was not alone in my idea about wanting to lunch under a shady tree while catching up on some reading with my iPod. Luckily at Founder's Park, there was plenty of green grass and shady trees to go around. Including a patch of sand to play volleyball and a small basketball court.

Yes, that's an artist painting the landscape. His work came out pretty cool! 

After I settled under my tree, I pulled out my lunch, and spent the next two hours people watching until the wind picked up and the storm clouds starting rolling.

It was definitely a relaxing Sunday and I know this will become a frequent thing as I enjoy my new city. Next time, I'll bring company to join me.

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jeremy said...

I'll join you next time! :)