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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It: Bali & Phuket

One of my clients asked me to help him plan a 9 day excursion to Bali & Phuket a few months ago. It was fun planning the trip because he was flexible with his budget and he was open to new ideas. All in all - - he was very happy with his vacation. I placed him a hotel that was less than a mile from the beach and near city center where he partied every nite.

One of his hotels was adjacent to a monkey forest. So it was a regular site for him to see monkeys out his window and sometimes even in the hotel lobby!

He shared tons of vacation photos with me as well as detailed reviews of the area, culture, and hotel properties. He such an awesome client because thru his stories & his pictures, I was about to vacation vicariously thru him!

Just sharing a few of the pictures he sent me...

My favorite is the beach photo. I just may have to blow it up and have it framed in my studio.

Happy Travels!


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