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Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Charmaine

Scene: Week before Christmas. Jermey's studio. Chillin on the couch. Jazzy sipping wine. Pizza sipping on spiked cider.

Cast of Characters:
Jonez - I need no introduction
Pizza - Canadian BFF
JJ - The man every girl wants to marry but can't have

JJ: Jazzy, name your favorite Cosby show character.

Jazzy: *ponders* ... ... ... Oh! Charmaine, with her fast talking self!

Pizza: *giggles*

JJ: *Hands Jazzy a gift bag* This is from Pizza & I.

Jazzy: *Opens gift*

JJ: Her name is Charmaine!

Jazzy : *beams* & *hugs stuffed moose*

Pizza: *giggles*

{The End}

Charmaine, my new travel buddy


1 comment :

jeremy said...

you should be a screenwriter! :)