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Monday, November 1, 2010

A whirlwind of a month

I'm finally settling into a groove in my new hometown and it has been quite the adventure. I've literally have not sat still since I stepped off the plane.

Monday night, when I landed in DC, I was freaking out! I posted a picture on Facebook, expressing the fear and doubt that was written all over my face. I've got an awesome network of family & friends because they all sent positive vibes my way.

The first thing I did the following day was locate my local library and signed up for a library card. Can you believe my girls did not even know where the library is?! Turns out it's only 4 blocks from our apartment. Later on I met up with JJ and we had dinner. He gave me a brief overview of DC and its Metro systems and all that jazz. I started to feel better.

The month was a blur of road trips, fabulous meals, parties, laughter, and good times, minus the alcohol. Some highlights worth mentioning along with links pictures:

Road trip to Ohio for my BFF's wedding. The wedding was awesome and went off without a hitch. The highlight of the event was the photo booth the couple had during the reception. It was so much fun.

Col1: All me, Col2: me & the bride, Col3: man of honor joins in, Col4: JJ joins in the fun

It is worth mentioning that I've made a decision to abstain from alcohol until I've secured a full time job. This was a hard one for me, as I've just GOT to have a glass of wine at least 3x a week. However, I totally broke this week for the wedding and drank to my deeliiight! As you can see from the first slide of pics, the cup never left my hands.

Falaffel - After a long afternoon of browsing a local craft fair, Lisa Pizza suggested lunch at Amsterdam's. I was down for it until I saw a line creeping out the door. She assured me the line would move pretty quickly. It did... sort of. Once I ordered my food and paid, I learned I had to go into a second, super long line to get the food. That's when I got annoyed. Waiting in line, hungry as all heck does not make for a happy Jazzy. Bless Lisa's heart for putting up with my crankiness.

In conclusion, it was yummy! I'd go again, but if I see a line, I'm running out the door. I've no patience.

Speaking of food, being unemployed at the moment means I cannot check out any fabulous restaurants. My girls and I have been on a cooking roll. Some of our fabulous meal creations includes Trinidadian Chicken Stew, broiled Halibut, and PW Chicken with blue cheese sauce. For Alesia's birthday celebration we indulged on some succulent chocolate at CoCo Sala.

I'm definitely going back to this place so I'm going to save that review for another blog post.

Two weekends ago I participated in an Amazing Race DC event hosted by GRO. It was a beautiful day and it was a good way for me to learn about my new hometown. Again it was me and the BFF's in my team. (I really should come up with a name for our group) Thank God for them because out of 30 clues, I probably knew the answer to one of them. It was fun and at times the Lioness in me was roaring but we kept it moving and came in third place.

Speaking of race the BFF's did quite a bit of running this month and I was there to cheer them on from the sidelines. JJ & Lisa Pizza ran the full and half marathon respectively at the Baltimore event. Linz completed the full course of the Marine Corps Marathon.
1) JJ&Lisa all smiles after crossing the finish line together.
2) JJ let me rest on his shoulders while I look for Linz in a crowd of 30,000 people

No, living with 2 runners does not inspire me to lace up my running sneakers, which I've intentionally left behind in Arizona.

I'm still jobless at the moment but I'm hoping not for long. I cannot believe a whole month (and a few days) have gone by since my plane landed. It's November already?!!? This month I'm looking forward to checking out the Metro Cooking event with a few Food Network stars in attendance, maybe even hit NYC for a hot minute, and I'm totally looking forward to my first Thanksgiving with my family.

I can't believe it's November already... Let's Bring It On!!


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