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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mom's in Europe

My mom arrived safely to London this morning. Here is a picture she captured during her stay. I missed the chance to Skype with her but her BFF reported that she "met" her flatmates. (Mom is couchsuring the entire vacation) Her flatmates cooked her a meal and drank wine together. I'm glad to hear she's having a great time on her dream vacation already.

Follow her blog. She is supposed to be posting daily about her adventures. That's how we will know she is alive and well.

Some Facts:

* She is traveling alone

* She has been planning this trip since her birthday, January 5th. Maybe earlier

* She will be in Europe for 17 days and visiting up to 6 countries including Spain, Switzerland, Amsterdam, France and London

* To save on costs, I introduced her to couchsurfing. She has a couch in London and Switzerland so far. She has tried in vain to find a couch in Paris, where she plans to stay for 3 days. Parisians must really hate us Americans a lot because all of her requests have been denied or ignored. I'm not sure what she'll do about that.

* Her budget for the trip is under $1k

* All she packed was a backpack and a fishing vest. Which contains several outfits, 2-3 pairs of shoes, and a small buffet of electronics.

* She has left backup copies of her passport and cc info with me "just in case"

* I've instructions not to bring her body back to the country should God forbid something happens. She wishes to be cremated. *rolls eyes*

* I don't have to worry about the above bullet cuz she's going TO BE FINE!!!


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